Help with Quimper pottery

jenny_from_the_blockAugust 17, 2006

Can anyone help me learn more about this Quimper pottery? The background: my grandmother (born in like 1904 or so) was a French teacher and loved all things French. She traveled over there a number of times, and bought these pieces (others too probably) we're pretty sure in 1960.

Here is a pictureÂitÂs a sugar bowl and milk pitcher.

There is a picture of the bottom of the sugar bowl

A picture of the bottom of the milk pitcher

And a picture of the bottom of the milk pitcher saucer

I am curious what all those markings mean. What about the style? Was this common for Quimper? I don't have a china cabinet yet, but I'm planning on one so these and other sentimental pieces can be properly displayed.

In addition, any info on this . Here is the Unfortunately, no markings on that one. But the colors are similarÂmaybe this was a popular color combo in late 50's / early 60's.

Thanks so much if anyone can provide any info.

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The Pattern is one I have not seen before....
Quimper, faince ( pottery with a tin based opaque glaze) has been made for hundreds of years and used many marks. I have linked to a site showing the marks and the dates of each.
Quimper has a long history. The HB signifies a specific pottery...The number is likely either the decorator or the pattern.
The cheese plate looks like something made by a hand and not necessarily a large operation. Those colors weren't popular in the 60s'...but perhaps your grandmother liked them.
Linda C
Here is a link to the history.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quimper back stamps

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There's a Quimper piece on ebay with similar colors and with the pattern of zigzag and dots that is on your milk pitcher. The estimate puts it at $70 to $120, so I would think your pieces are worth a good bit more. There may be more on ebay -- I just popped over and took a quick look. The auction number is 300019100715 in case this link doesn't work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quimper auction on ebay

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The piece on eBay I think is a repro....A Quimper wanna-be. Or perhaps very new. I don't know what, if anything is currently being made at Quimper, so maybe this is brand new....but for sure it's not the good old stuff.
Linda C

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Jenny, this piece is supposed to be 1930s/40s; similar pattern. Ebay item number 7410312856 if the link doesn't work. They're referring to it as art deco. I would just pick up a book on Quimper at -- or pick out a title and get it through your library (or their interlibrary loan program).

Here is a link that might be useful: another piece

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Thanks for commenting, Linda and Piper! Lindac - I did come across that Liberty's site with the Quimper backstamps. None matches exactly...Q-CO8 I think is the closest. I don't know which marks are most important in dating a piece...or how to tell which is most similar. I will read through that link you found.

Thanks for finding those ebay pieces. It might be fun to start a bit of a collection...but I just don't have the time right now. I love that my grandmother picked out these pieces...its fun to wonder what about them attracted her! Black and yellow strikes me as very bold.

I found a site called and emailed them but haven't heard back yet. And I didn't realize there were books on Quimper...I'll have to look into that. I'll post again here if I'm able to find any answers.

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Hi perhaps this may be of benefit albeit a bit late. HB Henriot Faiencerie de Quimper continues to produce it's collection/line today and ever painstakingly so. Truly in keeping with their time honored 300+ plus year tradition, where-in each piece is hand painted by one of their acclaimed family of artisans. Frankly, it is fascinating simply to learn of the pure process maintained in production. There are indeed culprits/companies which attempt to fabricate/knock-off the brand and continue to make claims to selling the Authentic HB Quimper pure rubbish. Sadly the uninformed and unsuspecting are duped! There is in fact Only One HB-Henriot Quimper in the entire world, much likened to each of their exquisite and highly covetted pieces!I myself happen to adore their Botanicals Collection.

In any event the sole USA Importer and Distributor for HB-Henriot Faiencerie de Quimper is indeed Marguerite Dorger Inc. And Margi,it just so happens indeed is a former president of Haviland Limoges Porcelain! So I would suggest you definitely contact her. She will no doubt have answers for you and at the very least can point you in the right direction she has an impeccable reputation and happens to be a Great Gal. Here is the url for her website,
Hope my contribution here proves helpful!

And BTW.. Your grandmothers pieces are truly quite lovely! Thank you so very much for sharing them!

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I have no idea, but I just wanted to say your pieces are so pretty!

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I have 2 bowls matching that are marked on the bottom..
Henriot Quimper France F126 D Trad GS. I have photos but not sure how to post them on here. I basically just wanted to know a little about them and their value (if any)

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I received four plates as an inheritance from my grandmother about ten years ago. She was french and told me that they were original. They are very heavy and dont have any signature markings on them. The painting are of Breton Men (one with cane and one with umbrella)and Breton women (one with flowers the other with a cane). The edges are painted with an interesting design in blue. Can you tell me anything more or where I can take them to find out the value? I live in Wilmington, DE.....Thanks

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I to have three piece's of Quimper pottery a small cream jug, tea plate, sugar bowl, in blue and cream with flowers. and I cannot tell what year they were made, can anyone help me:
Written on the base is HB Quimper F 776, D377 and PY.

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I posted a link to a site that shows the marks on Quimper and what year they were used.
Scroll up and click the link provided.
Linda C

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I have about 34 pieces of Quimper that I inherited many years ago from a dear aunt---the pattern is that yellow with blue trim and some orange and green vegetables (corn) in a lovely peasant pattern----little bowls/cups/creamer/sugar/dinner plates and dessert plates. I love them but am concerned that because of their apparent age--would they have lead in the paint--that would make them unacceptable for usuage?There are differing markings on the bottom: gg 67 72 and all have Henriot Quimper sometimes underlined---would appreciate any info you could offer thank you!

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You can trace the age of the piece by the backstamp....and quimper has been lead free simce abour the late 1940's
And even if there is lead in the glaze, using it for a sandwich or a peice of cake or pie won't release any lead....just don't store tomato soup in it...or any other highly acid food.
Linda c

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