36" range hood for my blue star (budget!)

EpicureEmilyFebruary 16, 2014

Looking for help, I'm so overwhelmed!
So we are doing a major kitchen remodel and have a tight budget. My HUGE splurge was a 36" Blue Star (that I got for 20% off!!)
Now I need a hood...I am shocked by the costs of these things...
Here is my issues:
-I cannot go larger than 36", I know bigger would be better, but I'm stuck with what I have
-It needs to be wall mount (not insert/under cabinet)
-because the ceiling is open at this point, it can be any vent type

Ok...here's the challenge...anything with 800-1200 cfm under $1K that's worth buying?

Thanks in advance....

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It isn't all about CFMs... doubt you realize how much ~1000cfms are. the guy that helped me install my hood said most commercial units he does for taco bell are ~700 cfm.... that said, CFM isn't all that "standard" when it comes to real world performance.

You can look at Kobe hoods, maybe broan, but for "that" high of CFM, you are going for Prizer, Modern Aire.

others you could look at in the midrange would be Faber...

You need something decent to compliment that bluestar unit. get baffle filters at the very least.

I took a gamble on an ebay purchase and it was worth it. These aren't sub 1000 bucks, but are decent units at 'reasonable' prices




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Thanks Zivman, I've been thinking that I'd probably be fine with the 600 models....I don't do much frying, I don't have the grill and I really only use my fan now when I'm canning (lots of steam) or on the rare occasion I burn something.
Your advice confirms my suspicions. :)

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I think the answer to your original question is probably "no" -- but for what it's worth, I got a 36" Zephyr Venezia hood for my 36" Bluestar. 715cfm, and was about $1200. We cook a lot and it has been very good for us.

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