Old Meeting House Maple Furniture

aphillipiAugust 13, 2007

Does anyone know anything about Old Meeting House Maple Furniture made in Winchendon, Mass? I can find absolutely nothing about them other than some book you can order for $85 dollars! I recently bought a gorgeous solid wood dining room table and set of chairs and I was interested in the value and how I should care for it (it has some wear and tear on the top). Thank you!

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I like to use a very mild mix of soap and water and only a damp cloth to clean old furniture careful not to make the finish wet at all. I then dry it thoroughly so as not to leave any dampness behind. After I am certain there is no moisture left I buff on furniture wax, let it dry and then polish it up. This leaves a very nice glossy finish. I don't like any of the spray on dust/polish products. They don't really offer that hard shine you get from furniture wax. After all wax is what they used in the olden days.

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I found this info online, I thought you might still be interested....

Winchendon Furniture Corporation
Founded: In 1923 by John H. Murray and his brother Patrick. Until 1935, it was knows as Winchendon Chair Company.
Location: The Murray�s purchased a plant from Demond & Brown Chair Co. on Murdock Avenue. In 1935 they purchased factory buildings of Morton E. Converse & Son Company at 101 Jackson Avenue
Products: The Murray brothers began manufacturing kitchen chairs. Around 1935, they expanded their products to the "Old Meeting House Maple" line, making dining room, living room and bedroom furniture. After World War II, the company introduced a modern line of furniture.
Date closed: IN 1963, Winchendon Furniture became a division of Sprague & Carlton, Inc. of Keene, N.H. who continued to operate the Winchendon plant until some time in the 1970s, when Patriot Industries acquired Sprague and Carlton. The company is now out of business.

Here is a link that might be useful: brief history

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