How do I keep/store old newspaper clippings?

folkvictorianAugust 15, 2010

I have a box of old letters and newspaper clippings from my dad and grandparents' families. I know I need to store the items in a cool, dry place, but I'm wondering if I can do something to preserve the newspaper clippings of weddings, death notices, etc. Can these items be laminated (at the UPS Store or Fed Ex Store or wherever) to preserve them? Some of them are nearly 100 years old. Would the plastic and heat from the lamination process destroy them?

Thanks in advance!

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Your best bet is to scan them and store them on a CD or on a hard drive. Laminating them just makes them look worse and it won't last forever. If you scan them, then everyone in the family can have a copy.

The originals can best be preserved with a acid reduction spray.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storing old clippings

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I have also read that you should dip them in a solution of milk of magnesia and distilled water and spread on a towel to dry. The reason news print crumbles is the excess acid in the wood pulp.
Linda C

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Thank you, Ideefixe and Lindac, I really appreciate it! I feel like I should have a cartoon thought-bubble above my head that says "Duh!" -- yes I will definitely scan the clippings. We have a copier/scanner/fax and I've never scanned anything, so it hadn't occurred to me. Duh indeed! I'll also get some acid-reduction spray; I never knew there was such a thing. I'll also look into the milk of magnesia recipe - who'da thunk? Thanks again!

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