Dry cuticle problem........

sewnjoyAugust 13, 2005

Can anyone help me with my dry cuticle problem? I've used hand lotions, cuticle creams daily & nothing seems to work. In fact now 2 of my cuticles seem to be receding down to the nail bed & is quite painfull! I've also tried wearing plastic gloves while doing dishes. Some of the products I've used include, Miricle Hand Repair, Surgeons Secret, Avon's cuticle cream & their hand lotions. I'm getting tired of the daily routine of keeping my hands & nails moisturized without any results. HELP!!!

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You could try taking daily fish oil capsules, which can help improve the condition of your skin in general. They contain omega fatty acids. Also biotin, a B vitamin, can improve your skin, nails and hair. It won't hurt and it could help. I've been taking 1000mg of fish oil and 1000mcg of biotin daily and am noticing less dry skin and stronger fingernails.

I would suggest you continue to moisturize and wear gloves, as you have been. I like plain shea butter for my cuticles, and rub it on at night before bed.

Is it possible you have an allergy to an ingredient in any of the products you have tried?

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Creative Nail Design has an oil that is excellent, it's called Solar Oil. You can buy it at salons and/or beauty supply stores or online.

Here's a link to an online store, I just googled it I'm sure there are others.

Scroll down til you see Solar Oil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solar Oil

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Some good suggestions above. You might also check with a good manicurist.

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Avon has a cuticle oil in a nice pen/brush applicator. The only problem is that it has a lavender scent which makes me sneeze. But it works great and I carry one in my purse and keep one by the bed. It brushes on so you target just the cuticles and don't have to rub it into your hands.

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A dermatologist started me on Cutemol. I did find it on line also, it isn't cheap but a little goes a long way. I rub it in while I'm watching a TV show in the evening before bedtime.

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I think Marian is on the right track ... might be time to visit a dermatologist. Painful, receding cuticles are a little different than dry cuticles. It sounds like you need something more than OTC preparations.

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I recently tried Diamonds cuticle creme by Sally Hensen; I was surprised at how long my cuticles stayed moisturized, I laid it on thick and wore those cotton gloves for a while.
It's a silver tone jar, not expensive.

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go over the list of ingredients on those cuticle creams, and if mineral oil, petroleum, or anything you can't pronouce is included-

that is very possible part of your problem.

a dermatologist's visit may be in order- HanArt's got a good point. could just be that your nail bed is lengthening. could be a mineral deficiency. could be something weird I don't know about.

mine tend to be dry, non-adhering, and prone to splitting- and I make matters worse, always sticking my bare hands in to drying things like spackle, and dirt :)

I use coconut, almond, or olive oil. the same things I use in my hair, and on my skin, and I think the massage is as important as what you're massaging with.

how much lunea (the little white moon at the base of your nail where it's still making the transition from growing to done) is showing? has the amount changed? what kind of condition are your nails in?

(nosy, picky person that I am ;)

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From what you described,I would most heartily agree that a visit to a dermatologist is essential. I would not like to add more fuel to the fire as you really don't know what is causing your problem. It sounds really painful. All the above would probably work for most cuticle or dry problems but not for the receding; that sounds more serious. Good luck. Let us know what you find out if you've a mind to.

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I have the same exact problem! In fact, I've had it so long that I have forgotten how painful it really is. At first, when I was about 14, just one of my cuticles dried up. I assumed it was because I had slammed that nail in the door, but eventually it happened to more nails. In high school, within about a 3 month period, all the rest of my cuticles dried up except one. Now, just recently (age 22) the last cuticle is drying up and it is really freaking me out. I have never been to a dermatologist, but I am definitely going to one now. I have been to a family medicine doctor who prescribed me steroid cream, but this only seemed to make the problem worse. Also, I've noticed a get dry, flaky, skin on some of my fingers now. I wonder if it is an autoimmune thing.
Like you mentioned, I have tried all sorts of lotions. Everything from Gold Bond to 24 Hour Moisturizers to Cocoa Butter Lotion to Olive Oil to Utter Cream to Avon to Mary Kay to special cuticle gels to freaking Dead Sea Salt Mineral stuff that's supposed to help and absolutely NOTHING helps.
I have one question, though. Have you noticed that your fingernails get bumpy now that the cuticle is not there to guide the nail growth? I have searched the internet and asked tons of medical students, several doctors, and nobody seems to know what causes this. I wonder if it is bacterial, too. Another thing I noticed is that the tips of my fingers get swollen and tingle sometimes (I'm a healthy 22 year old). My hands, especially fingertips, are extremely sensitive to cold.
Best of luck to you, even though this post is a few years old. If you happen to have figured out something that helps, please let me know. I'm going to the dermatologist soon, though. Thanks!
One last thing, do you happen to live at high altitude? Maybe that has something to do with it??

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You say you asked several doctors and they said they don't know what to do and won't tell you what is wrong. I hope you did not pay the bill they sent. Keep searching for a decent doctor. They are hard to find but there must be at least one out there who has some brains. Lets hope so. A lot of doctors DO know what is wrong but they won't tell you so that the condition worsens. That way they make more money by being able to charge mega bucks for surgery rather than just selling an expensive jar of cream.

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Yes what is going on! No one seems to know. My index finger cuticle is sensitive. My fingernail is now bumpy and I have no cuticle! I have read posts where people's cuticles have receeded so far that they can see the base of their nail! I am scared and do not want it to receed farther. When will it go away?

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