Copper Peptides

petra_gwAugust 31, 2005

Has anyone used copper peptide creams? If so, how did they work for you? They are supposed to make quite a difference, but I wonder how much of the stuff written about CP's is just hype.

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I wondered the same thing. My friend swears by them tho. She gets it at

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Hi starz, thanks for the reply. :o) How does your friend's skin look?

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I've been using copper peptides for over a year now. I'm 52 and I've definitely seen a difference in the texture of my skin. I still have some wrinkles - but my skin is much smoother and "brighter" looking. I also use it on my hands and feet. I was also amazed when using it on my hands - I have 2 playful cats and always have scratches on my hands - well the scratches heal and disappear almost overnight!!

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Rachelacey, smoother and brighter sounds really good. Which concentration do you use? I could use some for my hands too, our kitties don't usually scratch, but I had a scuffle with a rose I was pruning this morning. I think the rose won. :o)

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LOL - I garden, too so I feel your pain! I use super CP and super cop. Not sure what concentration they are but you definitely feel a slight sting or itchiness when applying.


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