Design Disaster?? Pay Now or Pay Later?

lagomOctober 8, 2007

I'm in need of a sanity check and would appreciate input.

We hired an architect in January to design a small addition for our small cabin. The existing cabin is shingle style and close to the water. Our primary design requirements were that it be a Nantucket style, as reasonably small as possible, and built with sustainable practices in mind.

We've been on an aggressive schedule with the architect to get our drawings submitted. There have been many compromises which we expected including a 'step' in the shower to accomodate for the head room for stairs below and a 'small master bedroom' A few days before submittal, we saw the final drawings and elevations :

- the master bedroom wall was too small to accomodate our existing bed and nightstands (they have since moved the closet door but now the closet is 'outside the bedroom'

- AND the roof lines looked -- uncomprehensible I WAS MORTIFIED!!

Long story short---we met with an interior space designer who was helping us choose the interior finishes. She politely proposed an alternate style that we prefer--plus it allows for a larger master bedroom. It's a non-hip roof that is more like a Nantucket.

We're on a tight budget and a change this late in the game will impact cost and schedule.

The question is: Do we live with what could be a mistake or err on the safe side and make the change now?

I've attached both the architects drawings along with the proposed drawing. I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks very much

Image link:

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