Vintage Jewelry - Dress / Sweater / Fur clip?

sweebyAugust 5, 2011

My camera's MIA, so I can't post photos yet, but am very curious...

I have a pair of vintage rhinestone 'clips' or 'pins' from my grandmother, and I'm wondering what they are. They're lovely pieces, quite heavy and well-made, but I've no idea how they were intended to be worn. They're marked 'Eisenberg Original' which I understand is a well-regarded vintage costume jewelry maker.

They're about 1" x 1 1/2" with two sturdy, parallel, and very sharp pins across the back side that pull back and 'clip' forward with a spring mechanism similar to (but much stronger than) what is found on a typical a clip earring. The pin parts have a slight bend near the tips.

I'm thinking these are probably fur clips -- But mostly I've seen large singles rather than smaller pairs. And can anyone say how a pair might be worn?

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Sorry - Didn't do my homework first...

They're fur clips -- though apparently, they weren't actually worn on furs... (No wonder - those prongs would be deadly!)

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Actually just "clips"....worn at the neckline or on a lapel.
Eisenberg Ice was good stuff!!

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I found a photo of them online:

They are lovely, but they're not something I would ever wear myself, and I have lots of pieces to remember my grandmother by, so I decided to list them on eBay.

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I hope you are not sorry you sold them.....they sure don't take up much room in case you change your mind.....

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I haven't sold them yet Linda, and have set what I consider to be a fair reserve price -- But Grandma had a LOT of jewelry and not a lot of grandchildren (or great grandchildren)...

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