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lachief01October 3, 2009

First of all I want to say that this website is great. I found it about a month ago and have spent hours soaking up pearls of wisdom.

Now to my questions. My wife and I are in the early stages of home design. We plan on saving for 1-2 years and then building once we have all the details worked out and money saved up.I've recently read a bood entitled "The Face of Home" by Jeremiah Eck. He stresses that a home's exterior should relate to where it is placed and should tell a story about the owners.


#1: What is your first impression of this North elevation?

#2: What state would you guess this is from?

#3: What do you think would be the best setting for this home? i.e. country meadow, subdivision, woodland forest, seaside, desert etc.

#4: I really like the Boral Pastelcote and my wife and I are considering a monochromatic tan for the base and an off white for trim and details. I can't find any homes in our area with this style home with this paint scheme. Anyone know where I can get a photo of home similar to this in this paint scheme?

A couple of these questions are loaded questions but I want to see if the plan is communicating what I want to convey.

Thanks for any and all replies. See the photo below.


Image link:

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