Need help in pricing antiques for sale

freshyellowAugust 27, 2010

I am trying to sell some pieces we were given by my mother-in-law years ago. We are downsizing and need to sell these as we will not have room. We have a 1920s dining set that needs some work (needs a new veneer on table top and the chairs need work), it is carved oak and there is a dining table with two end pull out sections, six chairs, a large buffet and a china cabinet. Can you help?

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I tried to post an image with this inquiry but can't seem to figure out how to do it. HELP!

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Hi, fresh. Most people here seem to use Photobucket. I use Picasa. With that, you can load pics from your camera, put them in your dropbox, and then click where it says "Links to picture." I embed the pic (chose your size first-I usually choose large) by highlighting the numbers/letters in the box and copy it to my post. When you preview, the picture should show up in place of all those figures. Others may have better directions, but at least this will keep you at the top for a bit. Good luck.

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Unfortunately, pieces like yours are plentiful and don't sell really well. You might be better off giving it to Goodwill and taking a tax deduction. Depending on what part of the country you are in, "vintage" (or stuff I throw away) is in. Stuff like big old leather chairs and small wood chairs that need upholstering.

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I would look to eBay first to see if there are similar pieces to yours - this may give you an idea of what other people are pricing their items at. Having said that, furniture is expensive to ship, so you are still at an advantage to whomever lives near you. You can then sell on eBay, craigslist or through your newspaper with a local pick-up or have the buyer make their own shipping arrangements.

One selling suggestion - offer to sell the furniture as a set or individually (i.e. the buffet separately from the chairs).

There are plenty of people who love vintage items - many are using them to rework into different uses, so if your items have 'good bones' - I'm sure you'll find a buyer! Good luck!

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