Fingernails after acryllic is removed

charann102_2006August 27, 2007

After having acryllic on my nails for 4 months, I had them removed today. My nails are a mess. Any suggestions as to how I can get the rough stuff off of them and strengthen them?

I soaked them in nail polish remover to take off the old "glue". Then I used a rectangular buffer like they do at the nail salon and the nails still feel rough.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think this is the last time I'll do this again. Getting fills every two weeks is expensive. I loved the way my nails looked but I know I can use the money for better things.

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I know Nailtiques has a product for after artificial nails, but I have never used it and don't know anything about it. Just happened to notice it. I use their products to strengthen my nails. I've even gotten it cheaper on ebay.

Glad you're getting your nails back, and I hope they recover soon.

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You need a nice buffer to put the shine back into them, I recently got one in the middle of our mall, these foreign women were selling dead sea salt products, I did buy the manicure kit ($35.), but they sell the buffer for 15.00 Clip your nails right back, and use lots of nail hardner. They will come back, I wore my acrylic nails for 15+ years, and recently taken them off, it took a few weeks of TLC but mine look pretty good now.


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Don't buff them yet! They are probably too thin and you don't want to thin them more.

Use a strengthner - Sally hansen is a good over the counter product, in the gold bottle. Put on a coat everyday and at the end of the week, remove it all and start over again.

Also apply solar oil (you can buy at Sally's) to them daily. Massaging into cuticles and nail beds.

Just curious - why did you have acrylics put on initially?

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There is life after acrylics....but it does take time to recover! For me it took about 4 months for all the old damaged nail to grow out. And I love not being a slave to the salon!! ( sorry Shaun!!) I love being able to decide I need something done TODAY and not have to get an appointment and wait and go to the salon and....and.
Have patience they will gwor, meanwhile keep them really short!
Linda C

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I gave up the nail wraps years ago but before quitting I used a product called Onymyrrh by DeLore (I think), no longer available but there is a similar named product available on the internet. My nails are very fragile ordinarily and I've found that Sally Hansen in the gold bottle is good but so is Nailene Miracle Maker, 7 day miracle growth. My nails actually get filed or cut down as they haven't broken in a long time but only when I let them get too long and I throw all care aside, is when they may break or bend. All I do is keep my nails clean and the clear nail maker makes my nails look like I have a French manicure. I've saved so much time.

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I switched to nail wraps when I quit using acrylics. Then when the thin, damaged nails had grown out nicely, I just quit getting wraps. The nails were perfect.

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Thanks for the good ideas. I think I'll start with Sally Hansen's strengthener in the gold bottle.

I got my nails done because my nails start splitting or peeling after they get so long. I love having pretty nails but the cost is such a waste! If I could do it myself (have never tried) I'd do them every week or when needed. Sometimes my nails really looked weird when it got closer to the fill appt two weeks after the last fill.

I found a Tweezerman buffer - got it at Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon - and gently buffed my nails. They are quite shiny right now but I think the Sally Hansen will help. I also think I have the 7-Day nail grower stuff - or maybe it is up in my daughter's room.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! One last question...where do you all buy OPI nail polish? I found a color I really like but when I wanted to buy it at my salon they didn't have any.

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Charann, I love OPI colors too and get mine at Trade Secrets in our mall.

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I recently gave up acrylics myself. I did use a buffer, but just very lightly. Otherwise, I'd ruin a pair of hosiery every day! After abotu 3 months, my nails are finally normal and I'm going to let them grow a bit.

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