If You have a Bain Airtub - I Have a Question

cactuscatieJanuary 21, 2008

Our Oval Amma Bain airtub was installed last week. The lowest setting is 5% which still moves the water considerably. I can't believe that there is not a level that moves the water much less, more like a more calming ripple movement. I've heard that there are activities that you can do on the keypad that is not mentioned in the manual. I'm hoping someone might have figured it out. Thanks for any help.

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Yes there are activities on the keypad that are not listed in the manual. I was given this information by BU tech support when I called for the exact same reason you've written about. I've given instructions on the forum but maybe you didn't see it :)
Press and hold, for about 25 seconds, the upper left button on the control panel till you see the new menu. You'll have a menu that offers *lower intensity* (I think thats the phrase). If not, you'll recognize it. You'll have an Enable and Disable option. Push the upper right button for Enable and then exit out of the menu. You'll have a soft rolling action at %5...a bit more than a calming ripple but MUCHO less intensity than the raging river at 5% on the default menu. Warning: When I did this the first time, I ended up with two(2) "Contact Us" options on the default menu. One of the Contact Us took the place of my Chroma option :o YIKES! In case it happens to you, don't worry. I called tech support and was told how to fix it. Repeat the steps to get back to the secret menu. Scroll thru the list of options till you come to the *com.* option and select it. Scroll down to the *M2* option and select. I don't recall if this resets everything or just the duplicate listing. IF this happens and you find yourself back to the default intensity, just atart over. I much prefer the lower intensity menu to the default. You have a greater variance of speeds.

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monicakm, thanks so much. I knew I read it here last week but when I looked today for your post I couldn't find it. Sometimes I like to relax in a babbling brook instead of a raging river :) And why the heck is there a secret menu anyway...sheeeshhh

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::And why the heck is there a secret menu anyway::

That's what the tech support guy and I would both like to know! Seems to us that more options to the customer would be a desirable thing to advertise. The almost negligible difference in water intensity was the first thing I noticed and wasn't at all happy with it :( I thought something was wrong with my tub and honestly, I don't know that there's not. But it's the only complaint I have. Did you know you can increase the amt of time you have till the dryer comes on? When the jets stop and the dryer icon is flashing, press the upper left button twice to add 10 minutes. You can add additional time by repeating. Last night I pushed it 2x to add 10 minutes, paused and added 10 more minutes but the dryer came on at 20 mins, not 30. You may have to wait a certain amt of time before adding more time.

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Thanks Monica for the extra info. Anything else I should know? If I press a button three times will it pour me a nice glass of wine...lol

I have printed this post and added it to my official Bain manual...thanks again.

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You're welcome cactuscatie. I've been trying to figure out how to get a Bahama Mama out of it but so far, no luck :(

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Wow, I just happened to stumble across this. Thanks, monicakm! This sounds terrific. We have a BU Naos and I've found that the low setting is way too much. It wasn't relaxing at all and I had water splashing all over the place. I hope these tricks work on our model, too. I thought their instruction manual was very poorly written. And, then to learn there's a secret menu! Wonder what else they haven't told us.

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I am in the middle of my master bath redo & have the 7242 BU Alma waiting in my garage to be installed.I am glad I saw these posts which I am sure will be very useful when we start to use the tub. That said, since I have no exp w/the tub yet, I don't know how complicated it will be but it seems complicated. I can't believe that they made it this way. I believe I have the Mia Multi control. All us BU owners should voice our concern to BU Cust Svc to see if they will make a change to the controls and ship us new & improved versions.

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I wrote to their customer service saying I was considering purchasing one or two, but am concerned about reading all these threads about the complexity of their controls. This was my reply:

Good Day !

Thank you for your interest in our product. We have launched a new line of controls on December 1st 2007. The control for the Elegancia Series is the MIA Plus (see attached picture). It is very intuitive. You can find the operating instructions on our website under DOCUMENTATION and then Control - User Guides.

We still have the hidden option of lowering the power of the air coming out of the jets for people who are more sensitive to a all encompassing massage.

If you require further information or to order our DVD, catalogue, therapy guide or Essential Care products, visit our web site at www.bainultra.com or call one of our product consultants and I, or one of my colleagues, will be happy to assist you. Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,

Anyone that's purchased one recently have any thoughts on this?

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What model number is your control panel? Ours is the UR 5002, which is rectangular.

How is the upper left button on yours labelled? On ours, it's for on/off. Pushing and holding it for 25 seconds turns it on and then changes the drying duration. I didn't see anything come up about intensity. The manual shows other controllers like Zur - just curious which one you have. The manual says that you can turn the intensity down so children could use the tub, but that definitely wouldn't be possible in our tub now at even the lowest setting.

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But WHY is it HIDDEN? And if they have it "for" their customers, just how many of their customers would even know about this "hidden" menu? The intensity isn't the only thing that the "hidden" menu offers. I don't feel I'm "more sensitive" but prefer a wider degree of intensity the "hidden" control offers.
Thanks for the information brendamc

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We must have hit "submit" at the same time :) It wasn't possible on the lowest setting on my tub either, till I was told about the hidden menu. Here is our control. I think it's the Z2. As you can see, there is nothing on the screen display at the main menu. During the drying cycle, the dryer icon flashes in that corner and you can push it twice to add 10 minutes to the drying delay time. Call BU about the hidden menu for your control. I hope it has it. My 20 month old grandson loves to get in our tub and 5% and 10% intensity works well.

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Exactly my question back:

Why are they hidden? Why not just have all options easily available?


Bonjour !

All the useful functions are on the key pad and very easy to use.

We have a few hidden programmation option (very advances functions)
for special cases. This information doesn't need to be in the General User Guide
because it's seldom needed and would make the use of the control less friendly.

Anything else I may help you with ?

Are we all discussing controls made after Dec 1st, 07 or before?

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I'm emailing BainUltra now. We tried out our new Elegancia last night and the lowest setting (which I think is 10% on the Mia Plus controller) was still splashing water everywhere. I'll let you know if I find out where the "hidden" features are on the new controller.

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In case anyone cares, to access the hidden setting on the Mia Plus, do the following, but make sure the screen is completely blank before you start.

> Press and hold the "OK" button.
> While holding the "OK" button, press the left or right arrow to go to the hidden menus
> One of these menus will give you a choice of "high" or "low" for the blower setting.
> Select "low" and press OK
> Press on/off to return to the blank screen.

I just got off the phone with Bain and haven't tried this yet.

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WE have the AMMA 7048. WHERE do you put the MiaPLUS...on the tub...on the wall?? Any suggestions...installing tomorrow!


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I have had nothing but problems with my BainUltra jet tub. The tub would turn on randomly throughout the night and eventually the keypad stopped functioning altogether. Tried getting the tub repaired and BainUltra would not honor their warranty. Buyer beware!

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I was amazed when I recently came across the 2010 price list for the TMU 6060 which I own. It has practically doubled in price since my purchase in 2005. They are great tubs, and made to very high standards. I'm still astonished at the price.

If I understand previous postings correctly, the "Z2" controler has extra features which can be accessed by depressing and holding the upper left button for 25 seconds? Bain Ultra no longer uses that controller. I happen to like the streamlined look of it though, and the orange led.

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I have a Bain Ultra Bath question that's different from the intensity issue. I have to add, though, that I think it's goofy that the intensity adjustment control is in a hidden secret spot. I knew about it before reading what you have written today but only by calling Bain Ultra. Anyway . . . my problem right now is that the light is on on my control panel (Z2 model) but there are no commands visible, i.e. no words to read, just a blank screen. If I randomly push buttons the pump will turn off and on but I need to read the full scoop. And of course it's a long weekend so I can't call Bain Ultra to find out what to do. Anyone have any ideas???? Would be much appreciated. Especially because this tub is in a guest suite and we have new guests arriving this afternoon. Thanks!

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I have a Bain Ultra Bath with a Mia Series Control panel. Right now the only thing that works on the panel is the on/off button. The LED lights do not work either. What can I do to fix this?

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Alliemacdee - did you ever solve your problem with the control panel not having any words on it? I am having the same problem.

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My issue with the Bain Airtub/Mia Series control panel has been resolved. I wound up calling Bain. They had me do a series of tests on the control panel to determine it was in fact not working. Then they sent me another free of charge.

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