skin bumps

bluelouAugust 29, 2005

As I get older I seem to be getting more small growths or bumps on the sides of my neck.....what can I do about them?

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I'm thinking they are moles, perhaps. The dermatologist can easily freeze them. They dry up and fall off and leave no mark. Show them to your doc.

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I agree with BarnMom -- my doctor calls them "skin tags" and has clipped some off for me. They seem to develop where there is friction, like around the collar area on the neck, under the arms or beneath the bra band.

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Skin tags can ( not always) go along with Type 2 diabetes, so make sure you have your glucose checked with your physical.

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I developed skin tags and small moles on my neck and upper chest during both pregnancies. They must be related to hormone changes. The dermatologist froze them and they did not return or leave any scarring.

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