Where Should the Bedroom Door Be Placed?

bostonhomeAugust 18, 2009

I've gutted my old Victorian-era house and basically started over. Feels like I'm building a new house. I am stuck on three options for the back of the house. There are two ways to place the bedroom door and IÂm not sure which one would be better. Which of the three plans is optimal?

Option 1 - Prefer when the door is away from the laundry closet, but it feels strange to have three doors against one bedroom wall.

Option 2 - Solves the 3-doors-on-same-wall problem. But would this make moving furniture into the bedroom more difficult?

Option 3 - Nice compromise, but I lose space inside my laundry closet.

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Option 3 would be best for furniture movement, and would add more wall space in bedroom for dressers, desk, etc. You could put a left hinged 2'-0" door on linen closet and add some more space to laundry closet that way.

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