You are over 60 with fine, thin, straight hair

pauline13August 6, 2005

that won't take a perm. How do you wear your hair?

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cut into a wonderful bob at chin level and use products that give some zap to you hair --- like:
Aveda's volumnizing toner or phomollient, they really work. I am in my 50's with baby fine hair and they give me very natural oomph.

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I'm in my 50's with hair as you describe. I also keep mine chin-length, with bangs to soften my high forehead. I use Volumax sculpting gel spray, velcro rollers and a hand-held hair dryer (med/low heat) to shape it into a style I like; puffy on top with the ends turned under.

When I get it styled to my satisfaction, I use the Volumax "freezing" hair spray to help keep it in place.

I use a mild shampoo but with fine, thin hair I wouldn't recommend conditioner. It can make your hair limp. (I use a little, only because my hair is a bit dry from bleached highlights.)

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At 53, I have a pixie haircut.

Every morning, wash, comb straight back, let dry, & I'm all done!

(The short length makes it "fluff" so it doesn't remain combed straight back.)

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Mine is rather a pixie, cut short and I am 68 with my private hair dresser, my DH cuts my hair!

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I am 62(fine,thinning hair) and wear my hair at chin length & straight. I used to get a perm all the time but wasn't really satisfied with the way it looked. Last year when it was time for a perm, I noticed that alot of the national news gals had chin length hair cut straight, some looked like it was cut with scissors & some looked like it was cut with razor. (a little uneven) I though, "I can do that", so I took the plunge and started cutting with the scissors,and I am still getting compliments on my hair!!! And for the first time in a very long time....I like my hair. Plus I colored it.

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Sounds like chin length works for a lot of you. I can't tell you why, but I feel too old for that length. Maybe it's because one of my daughters has that style. For the last 25 years, I've worn my hair very short--not exactly pixie because I have too many cowlicks, but just about as short. Except for half bangs, I wear it combed back from my face, but this requires a lacquer-type hairspray as the natural growth pattern is toward my face. Of course, my hair doesn't move in a hurricane, but after all these years, I'm very bored with the same style.

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First stay away from the oversprayed hairdo that won't move. It's a sure sign of a woman who wants to do her hair once a week.
The chin length is a good idea.

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My mother wore a pageboy for a number of years, despite her hairdresser begging her to try a shorter 'do.
The pageboy added width & weight to my mother's wide jawline.
It made her face & jaw look jowly & heavy.

Chin length works best, I think, for faces with "good bones" (Audrey Hepburn comes to mind) & for people with slim jawlines or wide foreheads, for a balanced effect.

My Aunt Lillie had a slim face with good bones, & she wore her fine, straight, silver hair in the style y'all are talking about:
soft bangs, center part, chin length.
At the age of 92, she was adorable.

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I am 68 and HAD great thick hair even into my late 50's then it began to thin...really thin...I had always kept the natural auburn tinted and only recently started to allow the white hair to take over. Now it is almost solid white (not grey). I kept it at chin length all thru the 50's and up until recently, BUT now since it has gotten thinner that just does NOT work. That length requires more hair than I have. Mine is UNDER-LAYERED to give it more body and done about two inches below the ear. I can fluff it up, or pull it behind the ear, and the bang barely touches the eyebrow, so it can be worn to the side or as a fluffy light bang for softness. It seems to be the only alternative I can find for now. I spend a lot of time outside and like a casual easy-do. And too, what I am saying, is what works when women are 50-60, just does not always work after 10 or 15 years of natural changes.
I am trying to go with the flow, but the currents seem to always be changing. Ha! So, experiment and have fun.

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I'm 56 and wear my hair short, and use hair thickening cream before I blow dry, a round brush and Di:Fi light weight hair wax to give me a little body and lift to the ends....then I spray my hair with Bed Head hairspray by TIGI. I get a weave in my blond hair every 8 weeks which really helps with hair is completely straight and without any body or wave....yet it looks good most of the time - just takes a good short cut (every 4 or 5 weeks), professional weave and good products.

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I might also mention that the older Iget the more FRIGILE my hair gets. First it WOULD NOT for anything hold a tint. NOPE ! It rebelled and simply stated NO MORE...thus, the white hair. It thinned (as I said before) and became more brittle...or maybe dry. So, I would be scared to death to try weaving, as I have heard it can pull out the best of hair after a while. However, believe me, I did THINK about it. Of course, I have thought about a wig or "piece". hmm-m-m-m-m-m no just not me. So I wash often with a gentle shampoo, apply some gel, blow dry and use a round brush. All that helps with the good UNDERCUT about once a month. I put on a good quality condidtioner about onece a motn and let it sit over night before I wash it. This has been a BIG challenge in growing older. Something I just did not plan for or expect, but there you are............

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I am 57 and had a hair disaster 2 years ago (too much chemical processing on my baby fine hair)! I now use Surya Henna Cream (no peroxide or amonia) each month, which is making my dark brown hair stronger, shinier and healthier looking, while getting rid of my grey. I use suphate-free shampoos (Swell Volume by Brocato) and a small amount of Brocato leave-in conditioner and let it air dry. While it's drying, I'll periodically comb it up and out with a pic-comb. When dry, I use Caruso Steam Rollers, leaving them in for only a minute or so for body, or longer for more curl. My hair right now hates heat of any kind (except for the steam rollers) so this seems to be my best option at this time. I will go shorter later, and those chin-length styles sound adorable. Thanks for your tips!

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I'm like Donna and Sylvia, a short pixie style. I wash my hair daily with mild shampoo and towel it dry, brush it back and it falls into a pixie. Couldn't be easier, oh, and I leave it au natural - white.

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lol..went from O hair from chemo, several years ago,
to now halfway down my's just a phase but I do plan to cut it and soon...(not real short, too cold right now) I feel i'm in a "mother earth" stage, giggle....btw i'm 68...

btw when I do go out, I pull it back in a pony...just around the house i'm wild child....

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I have never heard of steam rollers before reading comment above.

Has anyone else tried these.

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