How safe are manicures

suntideAugust 5, 2006


I have been thinking of getting a manicure but I am not sure how safe they are. I have heard different stories, some good and some bad. I do wear nail polish occasionally and for the summer I wear it on my toes.

Any advice for a first time manicure?


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Well, I have started doing my own because of worries about fungus. A woman at work picked one up when she got a pedicure. From what I have read it is a problem with footbaths not being disinfected correctly.

I am sure the problem is rare but I don't want to take a chance. I don't find it that hard to do my own.

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Fungus is not a rare problem at all with salon pedicures. Do them yourself and save yourself the grief. Go to a beauty supply and buy some nice products for a quality job.

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I just had a manicure and a pedicure today at the local community college beauty school. There they teach their students proper procedures for making sure everything is disinfected. They said the major problem with pedicures is with the basins that have the whirlpools---the fungus grows in the jets that are hard to get into to disinfect. I feel fairly safe in that school environment where the students must follow procedure and the instructor checks them. Plus---you save tons of money over a regular salon! I don't know how much it varies from state to state, but my state has health standards for salons and does random surpise inspections---they can lose their license if they don't follow cleanliness codes.

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