I need a good curl enhancer

msroseAugust 13, 2007

My hair is in between straight and curly, with a touch of frizz to it. I normally spray a gloss laminator on it and straighten it. Well, I'm tired of doing that and would like to enhance the curl for a change. I bought a spray today that said curl enhancer, but when I sprayed it on my hair, it left it feeling stiff like hairspray. I want something that will help with the frizz, but leave my hair soft and natural feeling. Does anyone use anything like that?


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John Frieda Frizz-ease Dreamcurls really works great. I couldn't find it last time I went to the local drugstore. Like you said - everything else is gloppy and dries stiff. I'm going to try ordering it from Amazon.com. Also, if you don't want to wash your hair the next morning, just spritz some water on your hair and it "reactivates" it.

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Thanks, Gina. That sounds perfect. The description even mentions that it doesn't leave your hair crispy. Watch it be discontinued now.


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msrose, try checking out the web site naturallycurly.com. Find out your hair type and see what others with your type are using. Good luck! (sorry I don't know how to make a link) mary

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After applying a good anti frizz cream or serum to soaking wet hair, I like to scrunch my towel dried hair with a product called "Noodle Head", which can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply.

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