Looks great on bare legs!

mzmintAugust 3, 2004

Usually I stay to the computer forum and I just read your informative forum here and have not contributed but today I think I can.

Sally Hanson AirSpray for legs. I could not find at WM and KM but in the drugstore under the Sally Hanson heading.I read about it on the internet after seeing it in a magazine. I am in Fl but not too tanned, I got the medium color. Did the top of my leg, fr and back first then the bottom and onto my feet and rubbed the residue onto the top of my toes. feels great and looks pretty good for wearing with dresses and shorts. It is not a tanner but looks more like you "might" have hose on. I sprayed it over a towel since it likely leaves some color to fly onto your flooring. Quick and easy, takes a couple seconds. Pat

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:) I'll need to remember that- I've got tan lines upon tan lines- not to mention the dreaded 'teva tan' from biking in sports sandals twice a day three times a week...

and I have a few 'short skirt and high heel' gatherings coming up in the next month or two that I normally respond to with long skirts and bare feet...

I AM the resident old hippy, after all...
maybe I'll shake things up this year ;)

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I used this on my legs when I went to a wedding. It worked great. My legs looked liked I had on pantyhose. People couldn't believe it. Next, time I will apply this outside. It is such a fine mist (like spray paint) that it gets all over everything. My white bathroom was covered. Still, this is the best.

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I'm not especially pale, but even the "light" was to dark for me! But other than the color problem, I thought the product was neat!

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During the second world war, the manufacturing of womens nylons was suspended. All nylon available was used to make parachutes. I remember watching my Aunt Helen get ready to go out for the evening and she would put "leg makeup" on so it looked like she was wearing nylons. All nylons at that time had a seam down the back and sometimes a friend would draw a line down the back of your legs so it would really look like nylons.

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If it's not a tanner & is just make-up then won't it run off in rain or with perspiration? I can see it getting all icky behind the knee. Also why not then use a tanner to achieve the same look with several days of coverage?


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I tried it too. The directions say to "spray directly into hand and apply on legs". You won't get a mess with over spray. I used the Nude Glow shade.

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It does not run and will look good the second day if you do a light leg wash. In florida it is so hot to wear panty hose, I do the bottom half of my legs and somehow it looks more natural than the self tanning ..You do not have to wait after applying it either. I pop it on and go....

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I found it yesterday at Walgreen's, but didn't buy it since it was 10 bucks. Now that I've read it won't run, I'll reconsider. I was worried about the humidity here, and the back of the knee sweating part.

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