What would this be called?

raetaylorAugust 12, 2011

I am thinking about buying this but before i make an offer I wanted to do some research. After hours of research ive yet to find even a like one with a pedestal. The feet are solid wood carved and very large. I cant find any marks on the piece except for the underside of one drawer. The mark is V1 cut into the wood. Anyone have any ideas? I love this piece but dont want to pay way too much for it!

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It's an American Empire, probably mahogany vanity table. Looks to be all original and in good condition and if so....ought to cost a pretty bundle of cash.

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Thanks for the information! So what do you think is a good price range?

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Linda's spot on. Looks to be in much better than anticipated condition. A little difficult to see details (coulda dusted the pedestal ;-)), but looks to be mainly graded solids. Bet it had a wonderful little stool to go with it. Anticipating similar quality in the overall construction points, and without even knowing the maker, I wouldn't be shocked if it was into 4 digits.

"good price range?"... anything under 4 digits...? lol

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Thanks Mikk I appreciate your imput!
It may have once went with a chair, but it would have to been a tall chair. I should have taken measurements but main top is approx 40+ inches high. Im 5'4" and it was chest level. I also had to tilt the mirror down just to see myself. I found the height strange for a vanity, I thought maybe a mens dressing table or bureau? but then again im barely a novice in antique furniture.

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40+ inches??? Holy shenola on a stick!! That's a monster! The photo is deceiving. You're probably right then. A men's dressing table/valet, or an entryway valet (last bit of "spruce" before heading out the door), and I would imagine no chair/stool, which would kind of fit seeing that the base would be entirely cumbersome at that size. I would have guesstimated more around a 30-32" by 36".

In that event, it's a bit of a oddity for my frame of reference. I have to say that I've never seen anything like that in that size before... especially in solids in those proportions. In a formal entry, it would be QUITE an impressive piece.

Now I'm dying to know what they are asking for it! :-) Around 6 and I would love to have it just for bragging rights. lol

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Well Im a happy camper! I just bought this piece! I cant wait until I can bring it home next week!!!!!!! Thanks for your help!

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Ohh I forgot, I purchased this for the amazing price of 750.00

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I've never seen anything quite like it and also wondered about where one would place a stool or their feet because I also assumed it was some sort of vanity. It certainly makes a statement.

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Awwwwww.. you DOG! (no offense intended) lol Others may have a different perspective on this piece, but if it is as represented, that's not too shabby a deal. Not a "steal" or as a resell piece, but as a future family heirloom it's really quite a prize, IMHO.

With those dimensions, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a commissioned piece. Lovely!! I hope you might share some additional photos once you get it home. (salivating)

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Ha Ha ... No Offense taken! Well I share your perspective, I feel in love with this when I first saw it... someone would have to pry it from my dead hands before i let it go... ha ha! Although I live in a 1920's arts and craft type home.. I have a large hall with stairs.. this will fit perfectly! I will be sure to take some pics and post them once it is home :)

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You are going to like this:


It could have been a man's dressing table. they habitually stood up to get groomed, while women sat down.

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Holy moley. $18k for a dressing table. No wonder I've never seen anything like it. LOLOL

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That dressing table is beautiful! I love the carving. I wish i'd have found that .... but I will settle for its not as attractive 2nd cousin....lol !

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