Brick Moulding around windows on brick home

stevet3July 17, 2006

I am rebuilding my destroyed home from Katrina and have received several tips while in the process. One idea that seems to make sense is to trim my windows with brick mould on the outside. This would allow the window to be replaced if ever needing to without having to chip out bricks around the windows. I know you can cut the flanges and use replacement windows if needed, but the brick mould makes sense. My question is how will the Brick Moulding look around my windows on a new brick home? Will it look stupid? Most windows I see in Brick homes I see brick right up to the window and have the decorative shutters on the sides.I'm not just patching the house it is being re-bricked completely. The only thing left standing was the foundation, most studs and the roof. Thanks for your input and any other "wish I would have" when I built my house...SteveT3

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