Value of dining table

michelle0171August 20, 2009

I am trying to get some info on this table. Does it look like mahogany to you? Also what time era? What would be good price for it? (table,two leaves, and 4 chairs). Thanks!

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I can't give you a value....b ut I will tell you that it looks like mahogany and the top is probably veneer and that it likely dates from the 1920's...pre depression era. and it's sort of chippendale'ish.
It's not "antique" but rather used furniture.
You say in another post that you are looking for more leaves....are you sure the table expands enough to hold more than 2 leaves?
Linda C

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Thanks lindac! The table I need the leaves for has no leaves with it now--(it's not the table in the pic that I am speaking of). It should have leaves because on the bottom of the table it is stamped 150-330-38 tbl & lvs Travis Court by Drexel. Wish I could luck up on some.

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The shaped top - instead of square - and the more ornate trestle under the table indicate it was made by far better class of manufacturer than most. The cheap ones from that era have less elaborate tops and understructures.

The chairs don't appear to be made to match the table. They are too simple on the legs. They blend well, which is what counts.

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it has 2 sides that fold up and down for more company. and there are 3 legs that are in the middle right next to each other. how much do u think its worth?

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Tony, honey, start a new thread for your new question, and you will have to post a picture, or give a LOT more information about the condition of the item.


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