epilator, anyone?

irislover7bAugust 4, 2007

I don't like bikini line shaving, can't get close enough. I don't mind waxing, but don't like to let it grow back out to wax again. I was thinking about trying an epilator, but have no idea if there's good ones, not so good ones, or what. Any of y'all use one? or don't like them?

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About 12 years ago I used an epilator for a year. Ended up with lots of ingrown hairs. Not sure if that's normal or just me! You do have to let hair grow long enough for the epilator the catch it and pull it out. I used wax now, and am noticing some ingrown hairs, but not as many as with the epilator.

What type of epilator are you thinking of using? The one I used had a coil that went in a loop and as the coils moved through the loop, they'd catch the hair and pull it out.

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I don't know what kind to try, but if the hair has to be long enough to be noticeable, I guess I'll keep waxing or switch back to shaving. I don't know about laser hair removal, I was under the impression the hair has to be dark for it to work, and I have red hair, some is dark red, some light, some blonde.

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I now use a Panasonic epilator for "that area". For my legs, I still use the "hard core" Emjoi (think that's how it's spelled). It's faster but for the novice, probably a lot more painful.

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I still have 2 Epiladys from years ago ; I use them in the summer when I don't want the hair to grow long enough for a waxing; after waxing for 20 years, I don't have that much growth. I still prefer a waxing session because it exfoliates dead skin at the same time.

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I used one of the original ones (can't recall the name) for years and years. It finally died a couple years ago, and I replaced it with a Panasonic. I only use it on my legs and underarms, but it works great both places--huge improvement over the original. Mine also has an adjustable shaver to trim your hair first (if it needs it).

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