Is my major redesign going in the right direction?

aeris506June 18, 2009

In January, we moved into a 1945 Cape that was in need of such a major update, that we are gutting it and working with an architect to help us convert it to a colonial. I would like to keep the lines clean and streamlined, but I want the house to have character. I am not sure about the gable above the garage, whether it should be as shown or separated into two smaller ones...the windows within it should all be the same height rather than the center one being taller than the side ones...I haven't yet conveyed that change to the architect. Please let me know your opinions of the character of the house, any suggestions and comments are very needed and welcomed...I feel lost and no longer objective about this design, since my husband and I are not necessarily designers - we just hope we have a good enough eye! Thank you!

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