Mineral Make-Up. OUCH!

dilly_dallyAugust 29, 2008

I bought some cheap, err, inexpensive mineral make-up at the drugstore. The brand was 'Wet and Wild' . (I told you it was cheap stuff.) I'm not promoting the brand nor am I dissing it.

I read the ingredients on the box and there was no talc in it (Good) and contained all mineral ingredients (From what I could tell).

I am aware from reading the forums, that some people do not like how bismuth oxychloride feels on their skin. "Itchy" they say.

Well, I used the stuff twice early in May when I bought it. No problems.

I don't wear any foundation in the summer so it sat in my linen closet.

In the meantime, during the summer months, I started using a microfiber spa washcloth on my face. (Love it. It really polishes the skin for a nice glow.)

So now I bring out the mineral make-up again to start using it again now that my tan is fading and I am not sweating all the time from the heat and humidity.

I had just finished washing my face with the spa microfiber cloth and very gentle cleanser like always. I put the mineral stuff on my face and OOOOOooooooooowwwwiiiiieeee. It burned like crazy. It felt like acid had been thrown on my face. Or like a really really bad sunburn with sand on it.

I do realize that since I did not have a problem with the make-up before, it has to do with the microfiber facecloth removing all the dead skin and oil that had been protecting my face and not leaving any protective layer.

I don't know if I will continue to use the mineral make-up without the scrubbing first or just toss it. I am REALLY concerned about how dangerous this stuff may be. Are there any reports of anyone getting it in their eye? Can it ruin contact lenses if a little of the mineral dust gets on them? The make-up seems very "dusty" and I had read that it settles all over the bathroom on light fixtures and stuff. I am wondering what a little bit of this dust does to your lungs? Could it be like asbestos? Anyone have any feedback or links about this?

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The itch is a good sign, imo- your face is devoid of a dead layer of skin, so those cloths are doing their job, don't overdo it though. Maybe stop the microfiber for a week and try the mineral foundation again.
If it was a cheap one, it's no big loss if you toss it, why risk the itch again.

I haven't tried the mineral foundations so I can't comment. I like a silky foundation easy to apply, that works better for me.

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Well an "itch" I could deal with, this BURNED like my face was on fire. I had to wash it off.

I had previously tried mineral make-up at the counter of one of the BE stores and it did sort of itch a bit and 'felt funny' all the way home. Even with the cheap stuff I bought and tried back in May I was acutely aware of something being on my face, sort of 'itchy'.

Even if I use the mineral make-up without scrubbing my face first I am thinking that this stuff ain't too safe for the eyes or lungs should any find their way there.

I've already decided to toss it and go back to using pancake make-up as a foundation. Just a 'heads-up' to anyone who may be concerned with contact lenses.

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Are you using some kind of moisturizer after cleansing and before minerals? That might help.

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A very light moisturizer on the skin will help with that, and also makes the makeup set better. That said, that brand is probably too cheap. For the past year I have been using the Physician Formula, which is a very light mineral powder, I like it much more than the thicker original mineral makeups. No itching ever (and I had itching with some of the others, too) It also looks great, IMO. I sure hate anything that itches or burns!

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