Heard of or used products from Terressentials?

rosewitchAugust 11, 2007

Has anyone here used products from Terressentials? I found their website and really like the idea of using stuff that is USDA Certified Organic. I used to perm my hair a lot. For almost 12 years, twice a year. But I had to stop when my scalp was damaged. Since then I have gotten used to my thick but mostly straight hair. I have a great stylist and she cuts my hair in a sort of page style that is straight in the back with a little v -cut in the middle and all I have to do is comb it after washing and it dries in place. I have always hating trying to dry and style my hair. I have no patience with it because it is so thick and takes forever to dry. So this cut makes it easier to live with.

But I have a lingering flaking problem that isn't dandruff and nothing that I have tried over the counter or meds from my dermatologist have been able to clear. My scalp doesn't itch but several hours after washing and drying my hair, I can feel the flaky areas. After checking out the info about Terressentials, I have been thinking of trying their shampoos. They recommend that you need to go through a hair detox program using their shampoos but that after that your hair and scalp is suppose to be really clean and free of chemicals. I have been wondering if the different brands of shampoos and styling stuff I have been using over the years is mostly to blame for the problem I have.

Sorry for the long post, but I was hoping to find someone who has tried these products and could tell me about their experience; good or bad. I am going to try adding a link to the website.



Here is a link that might be useful: Terressentials

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I guess no one here has heard of them.

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Hi Gina, you are right, no luck here for info. I think I will take my chances and order anyway. After reading the Washington Post article about the companies owner eating a seven-grain muffin with lemon body oil, I figure the stuff sure can't hurt me! I was just hoping to hear first hand from someone who had been through the detox part. I do feel kind of funny about using a shampoo with no lather. But it might be the answer I have been looking for. It wouldn't be the first time I have tried a totally natural product and was disappointed! But this time I just might get lucky!

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Well, did it work?

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I have been busy with my new granddaughter and have not ordered yet. But plan on placing my first order soon. I had forgotten how much I love that baby smell! This is my second grandchild, the only girl and will be the last grandchild as my daughter and her husband have decided to stop at two. My grandson is almost 5 now. After I use the products I will post with the results. But first I want to cuddle that baby some more!

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I actually grew-up about 5 miles away from where the Terresstentials store is based in Middletown, MD. I use their products all the time and frequently give them as gifts. My favorites are the "flower therapy" line of facial moisturizers, tonics, and creams. The have a spicy scent (similar to nutmeg) that I love. It actually is such as plesant smell my husband even uses them, he never uses my moisturizers due to such strong scents. I love their products and although they are a little pricey, you use a very small amount so they last awhile. Hope this was helpful.. I am confident you will love the products. The website doesn't do them justice, if you're ever in MD, you should check out their store. There are many teas and fair trade gifts they don't post on their website. I have used the earth wash shampoo before but it's not a product I buy regularly. I have long hair that needs conditoning to detangle. Best of luck.

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I used Terressentials Hair wash~ It is wonderful. I m must be the lucky one because I didn't have to go through the detox process.
I use Terressentials for my hair wash and apple vinegar for conditioning. After that I blow dry my hair( I usually put some almond oil on and then blow dry) It makes my hair so straight and smooth. My hair is permed and straightened but it does not get dry or have bad scalp.
I used to have dandruff and dry hair b fore. Since I changed my diet and switch shampoo then I was no longer have those problem.

good luck~

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An update; I ordered and received my products within days, packaged very well. Everything smells wonderful. I am now on day three of the detox process and while there is no change in the way my scalp gets flaky, I am amazed at the difference in how my hair behaves. I have very thick, mostly straight hair that has always been what is called coarse in texture. I have always wished my hair was as smooth and flowing as the models you see in the hair commercials! The instructions that came with the hair wash stated not to use any other styling products because that is the buildup that you are trying to remove. So all I have used for three days is the Terressentials hair wash. My hair has never been so soft and manageable. Of course today I am having a bad hair day! But that is because of the weather. It is rainy, windy and I spent over an hour this morning out in the shop making sure all materials went to a job. So I can't blame the products for the mess my hair is today as I usually apply some sort of styling product on my hair. And I am trying to grow out my cut into a longer style so that is part of the problem. If my hair continues to behave and improve, I will most likely keep using these products. Time will tell.

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Hey rosewitch...how are you doing with the terressential shampoo and which one are you using? I read your hair complaint and I too, growing up had dry flaking scalp...in 1994 I swtiched to Aubrey organics shampoo which has no harsh cehimcal and I noticed my flakes stopped and the itching lessened....come to find out I was still using conditioners that were irrating to my scalp, which caused itching....Once you make a switch and a conditions stop, that will tell you then and there....it is what your were using before.
now I want to try this terressential, I am transitioning out of a perm, I have afro american hair and our hair is naturally dry anyway, so I have to tke extra care. for the last 14 weeks I think I have removed all of the synthetic coatings from my hair shaft and got my scalp as healthy as I can be...so now I want o try this product. Please let me know how it has been for you since you started

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i have not only tried and reviewed them on my blog, I have also interviewed James Hahn, co founder of Terressentials. Check it out, www.lesstoxicbeauty.com

Here is a link that might be useful: less toxic beauty

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You might also check out naturallycurly.com, even if you have straight hair. They have a forum about dropping the use of shampoo or going to a low poo one...I stopped using shampoo last summer (and CO summers get HOT) and I've been really happy about it. I use conditioner only,I use conditioner to wash it.

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