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jazz_12May 17, 2005

Hello everyone,

I have been lurking so long that I feel like I know people here. Who knew that TNlady, Mizzou, Pinecrest, Allison etc etc would actually influence the house we are building. And yet here I am, after I think maybe 2000 hours (that might be a bit shy) of reading this forum, feeling like I have found a resource worth it's weight in gold.

So tomorrow we start to dig. We are supposed to be framed in by the first of July - and I am hoping to just ride with the ebb and flow of the building journey. Here are our floor plans for you to view as well as some pics of the kitchen we bought (a display in which we will be adding a bunch)and a couple of before pics.

Hope you like them. I am so thrilled to be able to share with people who aren't sick of hearing me talk about my house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jazz's photos

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I think I need a tissue...aren't you sweet. Thanks! Congrats on your groundbreaking tomorrow. You'll be packing up before you know it.

We've had such a pleasant experience building. Our GC and all of our subs couldn't have been better...okay, maybe the plumbers (faster) and the roofers (they could learn to speak English!).

Keep posting pictures, I'd love to see your progress! I love your elevations. Allison

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Here, Allison. Use my handkerchief. It may be a little dirty cuz I just came in from mowing.

So anyway, back to this new house. Thanks for the pics and update. What part did I help with? Just being nosey, don't want to put you on the spot. Happy Building.

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Allison- Thanks re the elevations. The house will be a deep wine board and batten with taupe windows and accents. I have bits and pcs of lots of peoples houses on my computer for reference (loved the lights from SchoolHouse Electric for example).

Mizzou - where do I start? The entire FAQ that is printed and in my binder and used to make me sound as if I know what I am talking about, or your deep love of gravy...


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Glad we could help...though we're not sure what we did!! Well, that's not unusual. Must be all the Gravy. Or maybe the Jack ;)>>>

I absolutely love the look of the house and the kitchen. Can't see the floor plan very well but you seem to have good taste so I'm sure it's fine!!

Don't cry too much today and do go buy a best bottle of champange (I prefer Korbel Brut!!) to celebrate. It's a day you will never forget.


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Jazz - drop me an email. I have further instructions to make your home building much more bearable.

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TNLAdy -And cry I did. And a very large drink I will have. I think I'll save the Brut till move in day. For now I will stick with the hard stuff.

I updated my floor plan shots - hopefully they are easier to see.

Mizzou- I will definietely take you up on that!

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I occasionally pop by this forum and by-chance took a look at your photos. Now, I've seen ALOT of kitchens after spending over a year at the KF and yours is honestly just magnificent. Are your cabinets custom? What exactly is the flooring in the kitchen? Countertops? Details, please give me details! Thanks!

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Thanks Pauline!
Well you won't believe it. I totally lucked out. That is actually a display I bought. The company that I bought it from was changing their showroom. I stopped in and bought all of those cabinets with the counter tops,island, cook stove and warming oven for 12K Canadian. they are solid cherry cupboards. The island is granite. Counters are Corian. As the kitchen is only a 10x10 and our kitchen is considerably larger -2.5 times bigger - we are using those cupboards and adding others from the same manufacturer. I have a floor to ceiling(9') pantry going in, a buffet and 6 large shelves on either side of the window (I am a dish fanatic and have a lot of bowls and platters, etc I want to display) When I have some time I will post my kitchen plan. In the end it will cost around 30K Canadian. It is exactly what I wanted. I think it has 18 drawers and 24 cupboards. I will be putting rod iron brackets and knobs - 3 styles on the drawers. The company does custom work. They are called Acorn Kitchens and they are in Canada.

Here is a link that might be useful: Acorn Kitchens

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Wow, you definitely lucked out! The open shelving is a great idea ~ Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

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I absolutely LOVE your home elevations. I can't wait to see it built! One of my neighbors has a deep wine colored house and it's been my favorite . I think I'm more excited about your home than mine. While I like mine, I feel I have to follow the area of the country for resale. And, I just can't have that much fun with it. What is your setting?

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Thank you so much for your kind words! We are pretty psyched too! Mind you the stress is something that I could do without! :) I said to my DH today that I am tired of having butterflies in my stomach!

There are a few pictures on the webiste that show our land. In "day 4" there is a pic of our view. and also lots mor in "before the build" We have 50 acres with a maple bush and natural apple orchard included. DH convinced me we should buy it almost 2 yrs ago and I'm glad he did.

What are you building?

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Hi, Your site looks very private. 50 acres is nice. What are your plans for the apple orchards? I have one apple tree in my yard now. It's full of apples this year. It seems to be full every other year. Which is good because I get sick of so many apples on the busy years.

I'm building a 1 1/2 story brick southern style home. It will have big columns in the front, and a large brick dormer up ,flanked by 2 smaller wood dormers. The trim is white, not sure yet what the brick will be except that it needs to be oversized and tumbled. I just don't want it to look like a bank. I have a halfround window in the ccenter dormer. Any ideas for an interesting "munton" design? So far I'm thinking spider web type. But, that's very traditional. I'd like to modernize the look a little, and still not get kicked out of the neighborhood.

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