Affordable substitute for Mastey Traite shampoo?

jessyfAugust 8, 2011

Someone told my son that he should be using this expensive shampoo. Sigh. The big deal is it is sulfate-free.

I'm open to suggestions as Paula Begoun's are all discontinued.

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Is there a problem with the current shampoo he is using or does he have a scalp or hair problem? If not, tell him he has to pay for the expensive shampoo if he HAS to have it. I guarantee that Suave will start looking pretty good to him!

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I need an alternative to MT so he can make that decision. I've told him exactly what you had said, he can pay for it. But it is fair to give him an alternative so if you know of one please post.

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Search on the web for sulfate free shampoos, there seems to exist a lot;
this website has Mastey products at a discount and other sulfate free shampoos

Here is a link that might be useful: Sulfate free shampoos at beebalmbee

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Thanks Mitch! Guess who has sulfate free shampoo - Trader Joes!

FWIW this hair stylist asked my son, on his own, if he had dandruff because it must have been evident. My son didn't say anything to tip him off.

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