Skin Tonner

jbkiddAugust 22, 2006

What exactly does skin tonner do for your skin, is it worth the cost.


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For one think, I think it helps remove any residual make-up after washing the face.

I like to go to and research cosmetics before I buy them. It's Paula Begoun, and she has some good info there about toners, not just what she sells but others too. She evaluates and rates cosmetics and gives her approval to many products which are not her own line.

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Good site, thankyou

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There is an article in the September issue of Oprah's magazine that describes what various cosmetics do. Toner is recommended only if you have oily skin, as it removes moisture and natural oils from the skin.

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If you decide you want to try a toner, witch hazel is inexpensive choice. Thayer's makes an alcohol free witch hazel available at natural food stores and probably other places, too. Most witch hazel preparations contain some alcohol.

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Avoid witch hazel and other alcohol toners- they irritate and don't do anything to improve the skin. If it makes your skin tingle or feel dry - it is irritating.

Toner is irrelevant - the facial cleanser should remove all your make up - and good rinsing with water should remove the facial cleanser from your skin. I know Paula - cosmetic cop sells toners, but in her books she will tell you they are not necessary. I guess some people are so ingrained with the idea that you have to use a toner, that she has accommodated them.

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