Antique dining chairs?

kdonstarAugust 10, 2013


I found a set of 8 dining chairs in a local shop and am thinking about buying them - are these antiques? An anyone shed any light on them and what you would expect to pay? The seller wants 600 GBP but is including upholstering them in that price (although not the fabric). The condition is not perfect (see photo).

Thanks in advance

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Converting GBP into US $'s means those chairs are costing $930 for 8 chairs.For that price they should be perfect.

Reupholstering them yourself is not a difficult DYI project if you are totally gaga over them, but not at the price the shop is asking.

I'm guessing the chairs are from the 50's..

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Fori is not pleased

Those are nice chairs, but you wouldn't pay over $200 in the San Francisco area for them. I'd guess 1940s to '50s also, and I could be wrong.

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1940-50s Chippendale-influenced? The knotwork on the slats is both French and Chippendale. Probably walnut or "fruitwood". Old, but not "antique". My mum's era, not great-granny's.

They are nice chairs, but not great antiques, especially if the "not perfect" includes any wobbles. A set of 8 is rare. They usually were split up, damaged or lost. He could probably make more by selling 2 sets of 4.

What would similar chairs cost new from a mid-range shop? That's your starting point for negotiating a price. Is 75 GBP a good price for a chair? And do you really need 8 chairs - if so, getting 8 might warrant a higher price.

Here's a UK Craigslist ad: 800GP for 8 vintage chairs (2 closely matches sets of 4) so it's not unreasonable in your area.

That sort of seat is a doddle to reupholster, so you might offer 65 a chair and do it yourself, since he's not including fabric. 4 screws hold a padded piece of wood to the base. Remove the screws, remove the faded velvet, and staple on a new cover. Take the time while the seat is off to give them a good polish.

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