House Update 3/31/05

meigzillaApril 1, 2005

Things are moving along at the site. The plumbing is pretty much completely roughed-in and the HVAC guys are working on the ductwork. The fireplace has been installed and the framers are working on the roof and house trim. The brick was delivered today and is sitting on the property. Things are coming along nicely. I do have some concerns, tho. Right now I am worried that my washer and dryer won't fit into the space alotted for them in the laundry room, and then I don't know what I will be doing. But we'll get to that bridge... Also, I am annoyed that the ductwork will take about a foot section out of my closet...where I had planned on putting my vanity table. Of course this ductwork box out wasn't on the floorplans, so we had an electrical outlet installed right there for the vanity. It was going to be a tight fit to begin with but now I don't think it will fit at all. I need to take a tape measure with me next time I go to the house.

Here are some pics.

The house as of today.

Pallets of brick. I think there is about 6 or 7? There's a lot.

Zeh Bathtub! I don't mind that I won't be able to see out the window when I am in the tub...I don't think I have a great view anyway :)

The fireplace from afar.

In other news, we had a showing today on the current house. Amusingly, it was a drive-by, so they gave us like 1 minute notice. The house was messy, with dishes on the counter and stuff, but clean. They were an older couple, and I don't think this is the house for them. I will call my realtor and get feedback (if there is any) tomorrow. Hopefully this weekend we will have more showings.


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Hey man! You're forcing other people's posts off! Can't you just put them under one post?

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Should I not be posting these here? Should I post them in the discussions section? Or do you mean I should continue posting in one thread? I think I understand, sorry :/

I hope you have a fit at everyone else who posts in the Gallery who isn't supposed to so I don't feel like I am getting special treatment ;)

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Meig - Keeping posts in one thread is a good idea but Jason MI needs to chill out. He's been apart of some extremely frivolous posts that bumped off other posts. Hope he was just kidding.

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Meig, Tell me about your bathtub please. Thanks, Annie

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Annie, it's a Kohler ProFlex, Model K-1149. It is a 6' soaking tub, but it also comes as a whirlpool. As a soaker only, it is one of Kohler's less expensive models, retailing for $709. I liked it because of the arm rests and the fact that it looks like the sides are sloped enough to be comfy to relax in.


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Nice home, Meig. It seems to be moving pretty quickly. Unlike me, you must be able to make some decisions to keep things rolling along.

I'm sure Jason was kidding since the original post on this thread from Feb. is still here. Just out of curiosity, How many pages of threads do we get in this area and how many threads will fit on a page? Seems like this photo gallery is pretty dead. I did think that this would be a good place for each forum member to post their own thread to keep adding their progress pictures. In other words, we could each post one thread and when you have updated pics, just add to your current thread. That would leave lots of room to continue adding new pics without bumping anyone off.

We also can always bump the more important stuff if it is in danger of falling off. That leaves the less popular threads to be at the bottom. Rescue the ones you love, guys and all will still be well with the world.

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Ummmmm, I strongly suspect - WAIT - I am absolutely 100% sure that Jason was just kidding! I think he was being sarcastic (but not to you) about there only being a few posts in the Gallery! Notice how he posted it and then hasn't been back?! Kindof like the little boys in grade school who would pull a girl's pony tail and then run!
Oh ~ and nice house!!!!

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Here's the pics for today. They drywallers have started so it is finally coming together. I have gotten so used to seeing just the framing that it was weird to see actual walls :)

Here is looking up the stairs. Going to have a lot of wall to decorate for that landing.

The boys' bathroom. I wish I had put a window in there like I wanted to, but oh well. Too late now. I was impressed that the builder actually used greenboard. I know they didn't in our current house.

The front of the house as of today. The garage floor has been poured, too. I imagine the doors will be going on soonish. you can see the little strip of brickless area between the two bays that is giving DH such grief, too.

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Drywall is in and the taping and mudding is in progress. It's really cool to see the actual way the house will look now since the walls are there.

Just a couple of pics:

Doorway to master bedroom.

Looking through the foyer into the dining room.

Train tunnel laundry room. This is going to be a tight fit.

Looking into kitchen from family room.

Looking up the stairs.

I can't wait to see it with flooring and doors.

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