Only a week or so to go

NEdaveMarch 15, 2005

Ok, we're in the final stretch now, just carpet on Thursday and a few electrical touches and an final coat for the downstairs hardwood floor. then we're done!

appliances added today and we went to check them out. the vinyl floors were uncovered as well, was nice to be able to see them all at once finally, not just peeking under the protective paper.

We're moving April 2nd and can. not. wait!

New Kitchen shots

interior stuff

tha whole darn thing


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Hey NEdave: many congratulations. just took a look at your whole album. as always, i have always enjoyed your updates & progress. your house looks very similar to ours. we are 25 X 30. just about where you guys were 5 months ago. we have a foundation now. once they backfill & do the septic, we should be framing by this time next month! (finger crossed)

again, congrats on this huge accomplishment of building a home. the setting is lovely, the blue siding on the house looks striking against the winter sky. many cheers for a job well done. enjoy in good health!

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Hey nokeyset,
that is close to ours! we're 28x30. I thought it would feel small, but it was planned out in such detail that it doesn't at all.
good luck with framing, it's about the fastest part and the most exciting as there seems to be progress all the time.
thanks, the color really came out perfect, inside and out. can't wait to relax out by the lake!

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The first ICE made by the ice maker - what a sentimentalist you are!

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It really is exciting. the first ice maker i've ever owned or even had access to! first washer and dryer and dishwasher as well! but yeah, opening up the freezer and seeing the first few ice cubes was almost more'n i could take..

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Did you at least pour some good liquor over it?

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We will soon! we're moving in in 2 weeks or so. maybe we'll go up this weekend to take a break from packing and try that out..

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