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Pat422January 6, 2014

We recently remodeled our guest bathroom using an old buffet as the vanity. When we bought it a used furniture store it had a glass top cut to size. We had a granite top made using the glass as a template. We are now considering the backsplash. I am thinking of having the glass cut so that the curved portion (plus about 3 more inches) can be used as a backsplash but I am not sure how to secure it to the wall. Any ideas?

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Here us a picture of the buffet in the bathroom. We are kind of debating whether we even need a backsplash ...

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I really think the curved backsplash could be nice. I think it would finish it off. Take some black construction paper and cut out your design and tape it up and observe it for a few days to see if you like it.

I don't know how fabricators attach the backsplash. I will be getting one and I will have to watch the process. but that is a few weeks out.

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I think it gets attached with adhesive to the wall and the joint at the bottom is caulked with matching caulk.

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I'm thinking adhesive won't work if the glass is clear, right? How about a vertical u-shaped strip of metal at each end holding the glass upright and in place, then caulk along the bottom?

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Oh I miss understood. I thought you were going to get the stone cut into the shape of that curved front for the 4" backsplash.

Well, I don't think it will look good to have glass and stone. And like Vickimp comments, adhesive will show through. I bet that the glass is tempered, but maybe not. If it is tempered can it be cut? I was thinking that you can't cut tempered glass.

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Thanks for the response. I hadn't thought about the fact that the glass would not be able to be cut. I will keep thinking. I appreciate the input.

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I'm sorry I don't have a suggestion, but I really wanted to tell you how gorgeous your vanity is! It's very unique and really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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I think it looks great without a backsplash. great job!

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I would have done a 3 - 4" high backsplash in the same granite, with some curved detail at either end. Just enough water protection for the walls but not overwhelming to the design.

Great job with the vanity and top.

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Thanks for the kind words. We did consider doing a backsplash in the same granite but the fabricating cost was prohibitive. It also would have made the distance between the faucet neck and the backsplash extremely small. Since it is the guest bathroom and doesn't get lots of use, I think we will leave it as is. Thanks again for the responses and the compliments.

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