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brownthumbiaAugust 23, 2008

I have very weak nails and I've tried just about everything I can think of to get better results. I am taking Biotin but not sure it's doing a lot of good, use Vitamin E and cuticle remover. I have so many products I could start my own nail store. lol. I have heard about a product called 'Nailtiques' but not sure where I can find it. I so admire anyone with pretty nails but mine get ragged on the ends and at times peel really bad. So, I'm ready to try yet another product if someone can help me find this. Thanks for your help. BT

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I've used Nailtiques. Got it from a beauty supply store. They have two or three formulas. The formula for nails like yours you apply every day. Then take it off once a week with non-acetone nail polish remover and start over. It helped my nails a lot, and they did grow out nicely. It dries fast and is very strong. Looks like clear nail polish though. It's not cheap--about $10 a bottle I think. But if you are determined to have nice nails, in my opinion it works. If you try it, let us know how it goes.

How I managed to try it myself...I talked to a manicurist about acrylic nails because I wanted my nails to look nice for my son's wedding. She recommended against the acrylics and said to try Nailtiques. It worked well, and I'm so glad I did not try the acrylics. I'm sure I would have hated them.

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A trick I heard of was gelatin. I bought packets of it from the grocery store, then would make a boiling hot cup of tea and add the packet of gelatin. Stir until it is completely dissolved. It tastes slightly lemon-y, not bad at all, I drank one cup a day (finish before it gets too cool, otherwise you will have tea flavored jello!). My nails didn't do much but I am a nail biter so I don't think they ever stood a chance, but after a month or so my hair started growing about an inch a month, got thicker and shinier, very healthy looking.

I kept up this regimen for about a year, it was the best "hair year" of my life! Try it for a month, report back and let us know how it goes. Since hair and nails are related in a health factor, I can see how this would work.

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I really appreciate your replies. Well, in my closet of nail products (lol) I have something that sounds exactly like Nailtiques only it's called NailTek. It also has different formulas for problem nails, is applied the same as Nailtiques,they are both colorless, and seems to be the same consistency and the same price. I suppose in my haste to have nice nails I didn't give it enough time. Sooooo, last night I started over again. I will see if it does the job and I'll try to be a little more patient. Thanks so much for your help. If this doesn't work, I'm going to a beauty supply shop to get Nailtique, stop at the grocery store, pick up some gelatin and tea and maybe something will help.
Don't know why pretty nails and hands are so important to me, just always has been. Guess because I bit my nails when I was young. Thanks again for your recommendations. I can only hope!!! BT

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There is a product by Sally Hansen, you can buy it in the grocery store or Walmart *just about anywhere* and it's called Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle. Just follow the directions on the bottle. You won't believe how well this product works for growing healthy strong nails. This is what the bottle looks like:

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I hsve nails like this too, and I learned from a manicurist to cut my nails with clippers (very slightly) instead of filing or worse yet, tearing when I get a snag. It seems to stop the snags from getting to be raggedy.

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I used to have strong nails that grew long. But for the past several years, it seemed like my nails peel, chip across the top and crumble no matter what I did. I tried lots of different hardeners, top coats, etc.

It was strange because I do get pedicures about once a month and my toe nails are fine. They don't peel or chip away and the color stays on them (OK, I know I don't use my toe nails!).

I tried to think what the nail shop did that was so different with my toes that I wasn't doing to my fingernails. Ah-Ha! Soaking them in water! So I removed the nail polish, scrubbed my nails with a bit of liquid soap and a soft brush under running water to remove all traces of polish remover. Then I put comfortably warm water into two bowls and soaked my fingernails for at least five minutes. Then dried my hands & applied the usual base, color and top coat. At the same time, I also tried keeping a bottle of clear or top coat (been using Revlon Extra Life top coat) on my nightstand and applying a thin coat each night before I went to sleep.

I am happy to say that my nails strong and growing without peeling and crumbling AND my nail color stays chip free to almost two weeks!

I've been doing this for several months now and I have long strong nails. I think my problem was taking dry fingernails, drying them further with polish remover and then dehydrating them more with polish. By soaking my bare fingernails in warm water before applying any polish, I think I am rehydrating them and I think the polish actually holds the moisture in my nails.

How's that for an inexpensive home remedy for peeling, crumbly nails? Warm Water! And don't forget nightly or almost nightly clear coats for keeping the polish chip free.

Hope this works for you too.

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Lov2garden, also, after soaking them in warm water, soak them in warmed olive oil for a few minutes. This will moisturize them even further, and is really good for your cuticles and is a good hand moisturizer. My mom does this (she does ceramics, which is death to your nails!) and it really helps.

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I sure want to thank you all for your replies to this dilemma. Now, surely, one or a combination of these things can help me. I'm ready to try anything. I did start using the Nail Tek again, which sounds to me to be awfully close to Nailtiques except cheaper. I dug it out of my 'nail closet' (lol) and am going to use it up, the way it is supposed to be used, along with other suggestions from you. Again, thanks so much for your help. BT

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Over the years, I have tried Nailtiques, Nail Tek, Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle & others. All of them helped to a point, but what I use now is Essie Millionails, and I find it's helping lots more than the others. I have never been able to keep all ten nails at the length that I lke because one or more of them was always tearing or breaking. The Millionails is the best I've tried yet. I got it at Ulta.
For those who are interested in trying the Nailtiques, my local Walgreen's carries it.
I agree that lack of moisture contributes to nail breakage, so soaking may help as Lov2garden mentioned. I don't think the gelatin has been shown to work, but I suppose it can't hurt either. I think the best moisturizer for nails & cuticles is olive oil too. I just hate the way it smells !

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The simplest help for my nails ended up being the Nailgrowth Miracle shown by shaun above. It's easy, available and doesn't require a time consuming routine. Believe me, I've tried lots of formulas, some worked great but no longer available, some time consuming that I couldn't keep them up. My nails are as long as I like them, no chipping or breaking, I actually have to cut them or file them down to keep at my favorite length. Hope this helps someone as I do understand everyone has different problems.

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terrapots, glad it worked for you too. I am a professional nail tech and have access to all professional products. None have worked as well as the NailGrowth Miracle has.

Seems odd but it's true.

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When my nails get brittle and split and peel, I pour some olive oil in a bowl and soak my nails in it for about five minutes once a day. . It takes a couple of weeks but they start looking healthy very fast! Also, wearing rubber gloves for chores helps a lot.

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Fortunately, I've had good nails. I did, however, have a problem during the holidays last year with all the cooking, baking and washing of hands over and over and also washing the dishes associated with the cooking and baking:)). A gal in my office sells Avon and they have a product (can't remember the name, maybe Strong Nails, or something like that). I used that product for about a month and lo and behold, good nails once again. I've also heard of women using the Avon product after removing longstanding acryllic nails.

Best of luck!

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