Pros / Cons Banjo Vanity Top?

ladyamityJanuary 29, 2008

Yes, it's me.

We had a little set-back over the weekend and from our limited experience it looks like we won't even begin the shower stall for another month.

In the meantime I am designing something that will be a reasonable facsimile of a vanity sink.

(too embarassed to show it yet but will when it's done)

Because we are adding a new plywood/solid base to the top for tiling (with drop-in sink), I was wondering about the Banjo Vanity tops and if anyone has any pros/cons to them?

Our bathroom is so small and I have some special needs which require storage ---

Was thinking of using the inside of vanity cabinet/cupboard and shelving nook to store those things but the little purdies and extras (Kleenex box, can of air freshener, decorative bottle of hand lotion, etc.), I'd like some place to put those and thought the extension on a Banjo vanity would do the trick.

If anyone has any photos I'd be so appreciative if you could show them to me?

I can't seem to find too many by doing a web search and a search here in the Bathroom forum produced nada.

Thank you all again!

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I love the one we recently installed in our daughter's bathroom. It gives lots of additional storage space in a small bath. Hope the link to the photo works.

Here is a link that might be useful: girls bath banjo vanity

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My parents had one in their house, and the only real drawback they found--and it was a big one-- was that when the toilet needed some repair, the plumber found that there wasn't enough room for him to poke around and fix what was needed. They had to pull the shelf off the wall to get the work done.

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We had a granite banjo top in our master bath remodel in Minnesota. Loved it. It really helped draw the space together visually. We went with a taller vanity, and carefully selected the toilet so that it would fit under the banjo neck, but still it was a little difficult to work on the insides of the toilet.

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I checked with the plumber before putting the banjo shelf in and selected a toilet that gave them enough room to work.

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Just learned how to insert picture directly in it is

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Thank you all so very much for your opinions both pro and con.

And seeing your pics of actual banjos in a home, not a hotel, is priceless. Again, Thank you!

I was trying to put into words what I thought the banjo top would do in our teensy bathroom and
Bob_cville wrote it perfectly:

"It really helped draw the space together visually."

When standing in the bathroom I get the feeling I'm standing in a tall refrigerator shipping carton.
My husband can stand in the middle, stretch out his arms and reach all walls. Tall but small room.

I didn't account for the tile floor and thickness of the lid on the toilet tank so I'll actually have almost 11 inches of space to work on the guts of the toilet should something happen (being it's a brand new Toto I'm hoping 'something' doesn't happen for quite a long time).

There is only room for a 25" wide vanity - tiled top with 1" hang-over on sides and front.
Our reason for considering the Banjo ---By the time we add the 16" round sink (no holes for faucets) and the faucets in the tiled top, that leaves us room for maybe (hopefully) our liquid pump soap container.

In this photo --- Window wall is 3" to the right of the toilet. Shower curb starts immediately behind the door.

Again, thank you all.

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hey Lissa - what kind of vanity cabinet is that? looks like what i may be searching for & i can't figure out how to email you directly. thanks :)


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It's made by Ronbow. Website is I think it's the Juno model. I paid about $950 for it this past summer.

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thanks :)

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