Bare Minerals - addons HELP

dayenuAugust 8, 2005

Tell me about the extra colors like warmth true and glow (I think) that are not foundations nor are they blushes.

How does one use them? What's your opinion?

I wear #1 foundation with bisque under it as a concealer. I ama very fair ash blonde with redness down the middle of my face.

and won't my brush get contaminated with color if I use the foundation brush?

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Those colors are blushes really. If you wish to use them, you'll need to get a different brush. I don't use these "all-over" face colors, plus blush - it's just more stuff they're getting you to buy. If you like the color as a blush, use it as a blush. If you like adding color all over your face, use it that way. I found the "warmth" to be dark and muddy, and I don't need a color all over my face. I threw it out.

Just like any cosmetics line, there are lots of "add-ons" you can spend money on or ignore.

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I use #1 foundation also and found the Warmth was WAY too dark for me. I used it as a bronzer when I had a tan for a few days.

I still haven't figured out what to do with the Bisque. I bought it, thinking it was a concealer. But the foundation covers just as well, I think. I have to experiment more with that.

And I do use a different brush for each powder. The only time I mix is when I use the blush. I just got the blush, and discovered that if I dip my brush in the Mineral Veil and then in the blush, it keeps the blush from going on too dark. The blush is very concentrated and you just need a tiny bit.

Has anybody tried the Clear Radiance? Is it too shiny?

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I use Glee as my blusher. I apply it to my cheeks, sweep it onto my temples, and across my nose - very lightly. All of this, trying to get those places that the sun would naturally "kiss". Glee is a bit sparkly, but I find that when I follow up with a dusting of Mineral Veil, it's not too shiny or glittery. The MV kinda tones it down a bit.

I used Warmth when I was a bit tanner a few weeks ago, but as my tan faded slightly, it began to look really fake on me. Too orangey for my skin tone, I think.

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I bought some little sample jars of blush on Ebay to see what colors I liked best. I figured by the time one of the pots was gone, I would know which one to buy. There's a lot of powder in those little jars, and I would recommend trying several if you're not sure. They aren't expensive, and also great to take along when you're traveling. I'm liking the Glee too...

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