Feedback please - Active Retirement duplex plan

jade.dMarch 10, 2007

Hi, this is what we are suggesting to our builder. We have to work within the footprint of the duplex (realize that the bedrooms need windows), but have flexibility in the interior; approx 1456 ft2. The mechanical room will hold the hot water heater, furnace/AC unit, water softener and central vac. The wall down the garage / masterbedroom is the "shared" wall in the duplex. The duplex is in an active retirement area, so chances are there will only ever be a maximum of 2 people living in this home.

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Overall, I like it and think it's well thought out.

There are a few things that, personally, I would do differently - mainly, I'd try to rearrange things in order to move the laundry room access to the hallway near the bedrooms. It's just easier to do laundry if your washer and dryer are close to the bedrooms. But I understand that sometimes these things aren't possible.

I would move the access point of the pantry that's by the fridge to open into the hallway.

Alternatively, I'd eliminate the other pantry altogther and keep the one by the fridge just as it is, because you don't have as much counter space as I'd like to see.

I can't tell which entry is the main or "front" entry where guests would come in. Personally I prefer an entry into the living room instead of the dining room. Assuming there is no reason in particular for the placement of these rooms (such as a view that you want to take advantage of), I would "flip" the dining/kitchen/living if the front entry is currently in the dining room, and besides just perferring the way it looks, I have another reason:

I have my dining table positioned closer to the front door than my living room, and a lot of times, people will seat themselves at the table right after coming in. I'd rather they go back to the living room but have to be alert and quick to stop them from sitting at the table...

But, like I said, the arrangement looks like it would work well overall, and admire the use of space.

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