UP Cabin Building Pics

Jason_MIMarch 19, 2005

I spent a summer building nearly two dozen 'fishing' cabins in the UP of Michigan. This is somewhat of a rugged area; you cannot get to the sites without 4wd, there is no electricity (or gas, or anything else), so it's a 'little' rugged. Oh, and the average snowfall in this area is 300" per year. And there's bears and moose (actually, the moose are a LOT more of a problem in construction than bears).

Here's a pic:

And another:

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Here's another:

And a little framing action:

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So, Where the heck is the Chicken suit??! Don't ya know Moose are skared a Chickens!!??

Ok, I'll be real: Nice job. Pretty place. Guess at least ya didn't have ticks with all that snow, ey?? Forgot to tell you we found our first Scorpion in the house the other day. Luckily, the cats had played with it to literal DEATH. And people wonder why I have 3 cats...HA!!!!

Use to spend my childhood Summers in upper Wisconsin in a cabin. Ya brought back some nice memories!!


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