shampoo without water - 'dry shampoo'?

agilliamAugust 13, 2007

Post exercise, my hair is WET 2" out from my scalp. I don't have time to wash my hair every morning, nor do I want to - except for these 2" - because it dries the rest of it out. Anybody have any solutions? Have you tried "dry shampoo"? I looked it up and most are powders (some are sprays), but few got good reviews and those were $20+ for a small bottle. Would appreciate any thoughts on this.

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You could start off by trying baby powder (talcum powder). I've used it myself when the top of my hair was a little oily. You just brush it out. I also have dry hair and this works rather well. also has some dry shampoos for under $10.

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Thanks for the idea ramrice. Does the whiteness brush out completely?

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Yes, it does if you use a boar bristle brush, the boar bristle brush helps with the oil too.

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Many, many years ago (now I'm showing my age) there used to be a product call "Pssst". When I lived up north it really came in handy for a hurry up dry wash during the winter. You might want to check and see if it's still available. I think one of the major companies made it.

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Hubby had surgery (doing well), so I am just now getting back to this. The baby powder did work & I happen to have a boar hair brush which removed the powder just fine. I made a mess in the bathroom though - trying to get the powder all over my scalp, not just on the top part that showed the most & my husband said I smelled like our one-year old. Ha! Wert9wert, I Googled Pssst & I found it - $5 for a large can. I am definitely going to try it. I think the spray would make less mess & maybe smell more grown-up. :) Thank you both for the ideas!

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