Exterior Siding Pics

nbrooksMarch 22, 2005

We chose Foundry Split Shakes for our exterior siding. Just an option that some people may not be aware of.

Image link:

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Nine months after moving in, I am finally attempting to share some photos of our home. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't very clear. We haven't gone digital yet, so I just tried scanning the pictures and then downloading them to photobucket. Any recommendations on how to make the images clearer would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'm not sure if I should bother scanning the interior pics. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket New House Pics

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I'd say those are VERY good pics for not being digital! I'm always jealous of people who post their pics after moving in and they have a real yard (your page 2 pics). We still have mud and a little bit of grass. We're hoping to start landscaping the first nice weekend...

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Oh, yeah, we like interior pics too. We want to see more. And I've been here 3 years and the landscape isn't finished yet.

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THANKS for posting these photos! I LOVE the porch and now have an example to show my husband--(the front door, too).

Can you please tell what size columns those are on the front porch? (also column material?)


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Thanks for your kind comments. We love the porch, too! Can't wait to get some new furniture this spring so we can enjoy it!

The columns are 10" round, load-bearing permacast by HB&G. I have attached a link to their website. We also used Timbertech composite decking, AZEK trim and beadboard ceiling, and vinyl railings, so the proch will need next to no maintenance over the years. (Which leaves more time for sipping cold cocktails on the front porch!)

Due to popular demand, when I get more time I will try scanning and loading some interior house pics, regardless of the blurry and grainy quality. (Thankfully, it appears that some of you already have been sipping cocktails and may not be able to tell the difference!) ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: HB&G Columns

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LOL-yes, I'll have a tall one, please!:P Thanks for the quick response-I've already shown the porch photos to my husband and he loves the look, too. Will show him the helpful link as soon as he's home.

I really love your house-you'll surely enjoy it! Thanks again.


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