Help Mom find 'the' bra

donna_loomisAugust 15, 2011

My 82 year old mother needs new bras. She has arthritis and doesn't want any closures on the bra. A pullover bra. I told her, "That's a sports bra". But when I took her to try on bras, she rejected anything with a racer-back. That cut out a lot of bras. There were only a couple that didn't have racer-backs, but they were tank style with no cup definition, pretty much just a wide elastic tube.

I'm considering the Genie Bra, but the reviews on it are pretty mixed.

Even sleep/leisure bras either have some kind of closure or are "cupless".

Does anyone know of a brand/style that might satisfy Mom?

I'd really appreciate your help.

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You don't mention her size, that would help a lot. If she is a large woman or has larger than a B cup then the Genie bra won't work, it's just the "magic" of TV and plastic surgery that helps those D cups be lifted back to heaven.

What about a front closure? They are easier than a back closure and might be the ideal thing for her. Most cities have specialty bra stores, try Googling it in your area.

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Michelle, Mom is a 38C. The video I watched on YouTube uses four D models, as you mentioned. I figured it was too good to be true, though. Mom's pretty adamant about no closure at all.

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Try Googling a bra store in your area. They may have the ideal bra or can convince her of a closure that would work for her. Sometimes strangers can get ideas through that we and our loved ones can't! Good luck.

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