sue43August 15, 2006

What style of shoes do you think look best worn with leggings????

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This a really young look, isn't it? I checked out what Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters paired with leggings on their sites. It's anything at all from short ballet slipper flats, wedges, high heels, to ankle boots.

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Leggings are back in style?

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Yes, leggings are back in style. I don't think you'll find me in them, though! Mutton dressed as lamb...

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Are y'all talking about the bulky knitted things that are worn over a pair of pants, or the thin knitted pants that look like leotards?

I used to love the leotard-looking things, but it was hard to find oversized sweaters to go with them, & I didn't like the way they looked with shorter tops.

& it doesn't get cold enough here to wear extra layers over your pants!

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oops, forgot to answer the qustion.

I always wore ballet flats.

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I like leggings worn with a long loose top that covers the butt. Can't stand them on anyone with a short top. Extremely obese people should probably avoid them. And please no beige leggings on anyone unless you are a figure skater wearing them under your skirt in place of tights.

I think they look cute on the junior figure with a short skirt. Flat shoes only please. I can't stand the high heeled streetwalker look with leggings.

Sylvia those bulky knitted things you are thinkng of are called leg warmers.

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Definitely flats. I agree with Wildchild that the only attractive way to wear leggings is with a short skirt (or a long but not too baggy top, even though that screams 1980s, but we're talking about wearing leggings here, sooo,) and some flats, as long as the person is slender. WAAAAAY too many large people wear leggings as pants, with too short of a top and it just looks horrible.

You won't catch me in leggings though, slender or not! Heck I never even wore them as a teen in the 1980s. The closest thing to those that I did wear is *cough* stirrup pants.

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Not a fan of leggings... at all. But recently saw in The Gap 'new' button-down shirts, pretty long... (And by 'new', I mean, a modernized version of something you've already got...) definitely look like they'd cover the derriere.

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