okwriterMarch 10, 2005

Jean ~ oh, Jean!!!

Wanted to tell you I had a dream last week about coming to see your place. DH and I pulled up at a stop sign and I remember looking to the left and seeing your house. I told DH excitedly, "Oh, there it is!"

OK, so I know that's probably not how it is in real life (that I can see it from a stop sign) but it was very real to me. And it was beautiful!


I've had other dreams about the people on these forums. IN some cases, they were nightmares... *g* I'm sure it's a sign that I spend too much time here.

Anybody else?

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Uhhhhhhhhhhh........Rita??????? Got any Gallery Pictures to go with that post????? :-)

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I thought this was a gallery full of pictures of TNLady. Thought it might be nice to put a face with the name. Any pics of TNLady with large poultry?

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(Saves OKWriters Arse by making this a "true" gallery post ;)>>>>>(elvis)

Love the Dream Rita. I do know we will meet someday. Hey, how 'bout trading spaces for vacation sometime!!

OK, you ASKED ~ so here goes; See below...

An P.S. I quit my job yesterday (YEAH!!!!) to be here for Mom 24/7 (and unpack ~ that would be different!!). Will be on the forum MORE now!!! Thanks Be. Boy, do I miss youse guys (i use to be a Yank). Also, while I'm here....added some pics to web site. Go SEA!!!!!!!

The Gallery of TNLady's life:

TNLady in the 60's.....

TNLady after toooo much Jack.....

TNLady ~ Architect's rendering ~~ or would that be draftsman? Let's talk for 100 posts about what you prefer!!

TNLady with Chicken: the cken is in my hair ~~ Uh, DUHHHH???!!!!

Absence diminishes commonplace passions and enhances great ones.

-- French Proverb

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I knew some day I'd regret teaching her to post pictures.

Welcome Back!!!!!!

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Well, gee ~ my brain took a major dump...

I just knew I'd started a thread about my dream but then couldn't find it in the Conversations section (sigh) so I thought I'd imagined it. Getting old stinks... or is that my "60s days" (which were actually in the 70s and 80s) left permanent brain damage?! LOL!

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Right Chair witch you on that there Brain stuff...;)>>


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Rita, Mizzou, TNLady....

Thought I'd come browse back on here and didn't know if I'd still find ya around!! Maybe we need a reunion thread!!

Still fighting the HOA on my stone house issue. What a mess! I was actually gonna post a pic to see if any of those super computer guru's could come up with different paint schemes, etc. to help me out. I can spend hours in front of those programs and I never seem to get anywhere except frustrated!!

Love the way the FAQ's are on the site and the photo gallery!! I'm sure Mizzou was very instrumental in getting that done! Great Job!!
Hope you're all doing well...and especially your DH Rita!!


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Mickie - I can't believe you're still fighting with the HOA over your stone! A lot of us have been wondering how it turned out. How about giving us an update over on the regular forum (i.e. not the gallery side)?

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