Day Spas--what do you think?

ramriceAugust 26, 2008

I'm going away on a girlfriend' getaway. My friend wants to get a massage at the spa. I'm not into massages (or the money spent to get one) and was thinking of getting something else--like a body scrub or body wrap.

Some of the services offered seem hokey and/or snake oil-like.

What have you had at a spa that was worth it?

Here is a link that might be useful: wild clover day spa, galena, il

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The things that would interest me would be the hand and foot reflexology, a pedicure/manicure or a facial.

You sound less than enthusiastic about the getaway. I hope you can find some things you enjoy and have fun with your friend.


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Honestly I've never met a spa treatment that I didn't like! Some are better than others - I love all kinds of massage, facials, body scrubs, manicures, pedicures.....

How did you decide on this kind of get-away if you don't like spa treatments?

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I actually look forward to the spa, but it's only for one morning. We are also going biking, hiking, and shopping.

I think I'm definitely doing either a body wrap or body scrub. The manicure/pedicure also would be nice, but it's so much more than what I pay here locally. I would like to try something new.

Anyone do a scrub or a wrap before?

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I think a wrap would make me feel claustrophobic. Some people break out after having srubs. Are you sure you don't want to get a message? Have you ever had one? I know people that think they won't like then, but they do end up enjoying them. If all else fails, how about considering a wax job. Maybe not the most relaxing thing, but at least your money won't go to waste on a feel good only type treatment.

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I personally don't like wraps, they make me feel too warm ; scrubs I like because I never do whole body exfoliation on my own, and also because I feel energized afterwards, not drowsy from a calm massage ( which I also love).

I looked at the spa website, they seem intent on providing a relaxing environment.

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