I'm determined to share....

clairecmcMarch 9, 2005

Hopefully I'll get this done...

Here is a link that might be useful: trying again

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It worked!

That is a big house! Is half of that the garage or is all of that house? How many sf?

Looks really cool :)

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There is a four car garage to the right, as you look at house from the street. We have two suites above the garage(one for my mom, because we are trying to entice her to move in with us and she is fighting her age because she loooves her independence). The large structure in the middle is the main house..it has about 6,000 sq feet( not counting the screened-in porch). We don't have huge rooms or "extra" rooms in the main house(cept maybe the master retreat),ie no guest rooms, media rooms, only one eating area besides the kitchen island. It feels very livable. When you add in the garage suites and the pool house you get to about 8,700 sq ft. It looks soo big because of all the roof lines, big windows, and tall ceilings.

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Absolutely beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Keep updating as you go, please. If you don't mind me asking, what brand are your doors and doorknobs? I really like them.

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The doors are Tru style...I can get the model numbers if you want. They are solid core and feel great, very substantial. The door eggs and levers are Emtek in sand cast bronze, in both silver patina and med bronze. The levers are the durango style. Thanks and I'll be updating pics in a couple of weeks.

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Love the house! It is always fun to see everyone else's project! When do you think you will be in?

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Hopefully we'll move in sometime in May. thanks for the kind words.

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It's going to be wonderful with all the windows and views. Will really feel the connection with the outdoors. I'm sure once it is finished your mom will be begging you to let her live there! You've done a really great job. Hope to see more...

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Claire, it's great to see the updated photos. I assume you've moved in by now. How did your dining fixture turn out? Congratulations and I hope you're enjoying your beautiful new home.

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Gorgeous house - stunning windows and views - wow! Love the spacious feel of the rooms - looking forward to seeing more photos!

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