Proper wedding attire

arizonaroseAugust 31, 2011

We are invited to my Fiance's nieces wedding in November in a small church in So. Ca.

Do you think it would be appropriate for my fiance to wear dress slacks, a nice dress shirt and tie instead of a suit?

Opinions please...thanks so much!

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Yes, unless he is in the wedding that is acceptable attire for a casual wedding. If you find out it is a dressier affair, I would go with a suit.

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Thanks, he will be glad to hear that. He REALLY doesn't want to wear a suit. I told him I thought it would be just fine.

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I think he should wear something that is comfortable to him. He can wear long sleeve polo with a tie and don't use coat if he doesn't want it. It depends on the theme or restriction of the wedding. If it is a formal attire wedding he should wear suit. But if it's a casual attire wedding, he can wear what he wants.

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Long sleeve and a tie is already okay, no need for suite.

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I think it would depend on how fancy/formal the wedding is, and at what time of day. Just from "small church" and "southern california" it's hard to tell. Do you have the invitations yet? Venue and style can give clues. A nighttime reception at a country club, for instance, would indicate more formal to me, even if the invitations do not specify a dress code.

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