Eyelid Surgery

jbkiddAugust 23, 2006

Has anyone every had "eyelid surgery" to remove excess skin on the upper lid.

If so, how did you find this surgery, any scars from it, what was the recovery time.

Was it worth it and how much did you pay.

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I had eyelid surgery 2 years ago. It took about 2 weeks to recover. I didn't really have any pain, just bruising and swelling. I looked like I had been hit by a mack truck! The scars are minimal. The cost was $8000.00 total for uppers and lowers. It was definitely worth it!!! I was so sick of people telling me how tired I looked!!!
If you have wrinkles under the eyes, this surgery doesn't remove them. It only removes the fat pockets. Make sure to research doctors very carefully. You don't want anything to go wrong with your eyes!

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If you live in or near a major city it is fairly easy to research and find the best plastic surgeon. People are more apt to talk about it these days. So you will look better I am sure. Some patients are able to achieve a deeper crease than others, The doctor will do the best he/she can. You definitely will loose the excess skin. The harder surgery is the lower lids. Doctors can take the fat pockets out and it will look good for a while then the skin becomes "hollow blephs" and they wrinkle. Plastic surgeons are just learning how to deal with those wrinkles. I live in a major medical town and thre is only one well known doctor who can do fat grafts believe it or not. If you go to some other plastic surgery sites there are who message boards on eye surgery mistakes and some people have before oand after. I am sure you will do well with your uppers. There are many good doctors who can take care of you. Good luck and do it. Oh and report back and name your doctor. This would be good information for all of us. Or put the question out to the group here.

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Not me personally, but a friend of mine in NY got it done. She was quite happy with the process and she felt great post-surgery. Her feedback was very positive. She got the surgery done from http://www.greenbergcosmeticsurgery.com/. Talk to the doctor to get detailed info.

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my mom had it done by her opthamologist (medically necessary, her eyelids had drooped until she could hardly see)and it was as good as anything I've ever seen done by a plastic surgeon. the scar is tiny, and even my mom's poor stubby silver lashes are enough to hide it -

healing didn't seem to take long - the stitches dissolve on their own in like a week.

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I work with a woman who had it done, her eyelids had drooped and were obscuring her vision. She looks great. She was back to work after a long weekend with some swelling, minor bruising and redness, she looked like she had an allergy attack.

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