tnladyFebruary 26, 2005

Ok, so I've been a slacker on taking pics from moving in three weeks ago. This was the start of the kitchen after one week...

91-year-old Mom moved in WEEK TWO!!! (unexpectedly) ~ so you're just going to have to settle for this, Jack, and Gravy. Danged if I was even going to be less then Number #3!!! (My lucky number or I'd pout about not being number One after all these years here...WAHHHHHHH [she's over it like usual])

Promise to post more "up to date stuff" but it may be just of the dearnnned dust I think I'll be chasing around for ever and ever and ever (just WAIT DARCY!!!!!!!!).

Ok... Elvis and Chicken Man...I can TAKE ON three forums of chaos just as well as the best man...

Just WATCH me and RITA!!!

Luvs Ya!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Sewanee's Dustiest Home....

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REALLY NICE. Love that fireplace. I didn't see any dust. Well...... not much. Where's the pot rack? You loose it again??????

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The Pot Rack is in the Walk-in pantry. Isn't yours?! (ok, it's sitting on a shelf waiting for install..)

REALLY....DH was out of a town for a week, so he's just now getting things put up. Lot's of hammering this morning. Don't you know Granny LOVES that?!


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Mizzou asked what I was going to ask...

Congrats, Jean. I know you must be loving it, even amidst the chaos. As for dusty... you know, just yesterday I was wondering why the heck we have so many dust bunnies everywhere! Could it be that I've been too sick to clean for 3 weeks?! ARGH! All it took was one phone call from my BIL yesterdya to say they are on their way to see the new house. I grabbed the Swiffer and DH grabbed the vac. Ten minutes later, it was done. (sigh)

What was the question? Oh, there wasn't one! Anyway, I look forward to seeing your new manion in person!

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