First house...

Jason_MIFebruary 26, 2005

Okay....let's see how well this works. I must admit it's kind of strange, having a 12000 DPI film scanner, but only being able to upload a 60K file here. But what the heck; here's the first house I built.

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Did you scream, "I'm King of the World!!" ?

BTW, want to take a second to thank Jason (and other pros who so selflessly give their time and advice to this forum). Much appreciated.

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That's pretty cool, Jason. Must have been during the molting season, as I don't see your feathers!


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BTW Jason, we have a local company that makes
Gorillas and the Statue of Liberty out of
a rubber composite. These would be company for
your chicken...

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I can't believe this is still here and hasn't rolled off....

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