Do you have CLEAN shower grout? If so...

kswartwoutJanuary 26, 2014

My question is, IF you have clean shower grout (no discolorations, mildew, or build up), how often do you clean it and what is the routine? I basically want to do it only as often as necessary, but want to really make sure I never let it go too long to have any difficult to fix issues. I have a few bathrooms that will have new white subway tile with light gray grout, and a master shower that will have white marble with light gray grout. I'm especially worried about the marble since harsh cleaning agents are not allowed.

I'd love to know how old your grout is, what color, sanded or unsanded grout, what cleaning products you use, whether you wipe it dry after each shower, and how intensive your scrubbing is when you actually scrub.


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I have OLD grout, bathroom tiled with white grout in 1987. We did regrout the tub area about 5 yrs ago, so its not too bad. But our floor is the original 1987 grout, and it was quite dingy and grayed..We had been lax about sealing it every year as recommended. Just last week, I made a solution of an oxyclean type cleaner and water, sponged it on the grout and let it sit a good 15 minutes,then scrubbed it well, rinsed with clean water l and it did come very clean, I was pleasantly surprised how well that worked. Of course, on wall grout, the oxyclean is going to drip downward, this might require repeated applications. However, in a recent trip to the tile store to pick out our kitchen backsplash, they told us you can get grout now that that has a stain resistant product mixed in with the grout. If you are going to use white grout, or any light color, I would definitely check into that. We are using it for our backsplash, time will tell if it really works. Supposedly, this stain resistant grout doesn't need to be sealed.

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In our newer bath (2 or 3 years??? I lost track) I have only one tiny spot of discoloration. It is at the bottom where the tile meets the pan.

Each time I shower I rinse the walls, then quickly and easily squeegee the walls and door. DH does not do this. I do not wipe. The room also has two fans and is never steamed up.

To clean the bathroom, each week I spray the tile walls with lyson bathroom cleaner or something like that. I take a microfiber cloth and put it on my swiffer. I wash the walls with it. I never actually scrub the grout. I then rinse the walls (hand held). Thats it.

I really think that having a good exhaust fan and my rinse/squeegee method keeps the shower and whole bathroom very dry which lessens the chance of mildew.

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Check out epoxy grout

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Both hubby and I squeegee after shower, wall and floor. Takes only another 30 - 45 seconds. I do not wipe down. I didn't have to clean shower until 2 years later. I could've gone for another year but there were some darker spots near the floor and that's it. It looks as good as new. We have large tile on walls though. It's 18*18 travertine.

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I use a soft rubber car type squeegee, i do the walls first, then the door and the sill. After I dry off, I wipe my glass doors with my tile. I rarely have to clean my shower, if I do it may just be the corners and I spray a bathroom cleaner and I'm done. Daily maintenance is really easy and it save having to use heavy elbow grease weekly or so.
Once you get in the habit, it easy to do.

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Since I posted this, I started doing a rinsing of the walls and glass prior to turning off the shower water, then wiping down with a towel. It actually is really fast, and I'm not minding it too much. Hoping that with a light cleaning every week or so, I will keep all issues at bay. Keep the answers coming, I'm always interested in any stories or tips!

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i was doing a search about cleaning the tile and glass shower (tile walls, glass door) and I came across this topic. I am getting tired of having to clean/wipe down the shower more than once a day. I always squeegee then wipe down the walls whenever I take a shower. However when the shower gets used more than once a day (which is every day) I get tired of doing it multiple times a day. It takes me 10 full minutes to squeegee then wipe. (4x6 shower).

Is it enough to wipe it down once a day, or do I really need to play maid to everyone in the house who showers any time of day?

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Our shower was grouted with a non-porous, non-staining commercial grade grout by Tek. We also bought Showerguard protectant on our shower glass.

After using the shower, I just squeegee but don't wipe it otherwise. Every 10 showers or so, I spray on a vinegar/water mixture before using the squeegee.

As far as the grout, I spray it after every shower with a bleach/water mixture -- it looks as clean as the day it was installed.

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please tell me more about the bleach/water solution you use. what is the ratio of bleach and water in your solution? do you rinse after spraying or just spray and leave?


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illinigirl -- I filled a spray bottle with 1/3 bleach to 2/3rds water. After showering, I squeegee the glass, then I spray the grout and step out (no rinsing).

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Thanks Jewel.

I am thinking on nights I am too tired to clean the shower for a second (or third) time for the day that I will try this, and also on the floor routinely. I always squeegee and wipe the glass door- that is only 3 swipes of the squeegee and then wipe the drips and bottom edge and hinges with the towel.

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If the other people are capable of taking showers on their own, shouldn't they be taught to do their own wiping down?

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Of course jerzeegirl. But that's not real life for me. Just the way it is.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I use a product called "Clean Shower". I just spray it on the walls and glass after I shower. We had our bathroom remodeled 14 months ago and I have yet to scrub anything in there. We have hard water. Note: The product is not for use on natural stone, so you need to use porcelain or ceramic. Also you can see the slight film it leaves on clear glass, so we selected patterned glass (bamboo). No scrubbing EVER! We put the fancy marble/glass mosaics where they wouldn't get wet.

Here is a link that might be useful: How Does a Daily Shower Cleaner work?

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