Vinegar rinse for colored hair?

rcgsltxAugust 9, 2007

I used to use a vinegar rinse on my hair from time to time. I just recently began coloring my hair and am wondering if a vinegar rinse would damage the color. Any stylists out there who know? Also, does anyone have any color safe recipes for a homemade rinse to remove built up residue from shampoo and hair spray? I have fine hair so I like to use something that doesn't weigh it down. Thanks.

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I think once in a while is ok. I color my hair and use a color protecting shampoo. I use an apple cider vinegar rinse occasionally with no noticeable extra fading.

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Here is another way:

"Remove conditioner and styling gel build-up from hair. Wash hair once a week with a tablespoon of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda mixed with your regular shampoo; rinse thoroughly, then condition and style as usual."

From a site:

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Thanks barnmom!

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I tried that before and it was a disaster. My entire head is a combo of brown color, plummy-red highlights/stripes, and platinum stripes. I did a vinegar rinse once and saw red & brown tint going down the drain. I had to schedule another color job way before the time was due. Never again.

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Just use a color safe shampoo and conditioner, and once every couple of weeks, use a good detox shampoo. All the professional brands have one, also, Malibu products are good.

Remember to condition well after using the detox shampoos. They are higher in PH (alkaline) so you need to use a conditioner to bring down the PH. Hair PH is at a 4.5 - 5.5 range, so anything used on the face skin and hair should be in this range, also. Don't look for PH balanced on the bottle...that just means it's been balanced to the PH of water...which is 7. Look for brands that are proud to say they have a PH of 4.5-5.5.

Detox products (ones that remove buildup, clorine, etc) are higher in PH, so remember to use only once a week or less. Then use a good conditioner to close those cuticles up.

Hair should be shampooed only every other day at the most. Unless you are doing something that gets it dirty on a daily basis. The natural oils need to be built up to condition the hair (nature's best conditioner.)

Also, after getting hair colored, try not to shampoo again for at least 24 hours...better is 48 hrs.

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Does hair really need detox ? it seems to me that hair products are water soluble and a good shampoo 3 times a week should not leave your hair in need of additional stripping.

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You know, I personally don't know, mitchdesj...we may really be hurting our hair doing it in the long run. I usually do a vinegar rinse a couple shampoos before I color. It seems to me it does strip some of the color off but I like the idea that the new color may be able to take better...and I have very strong and thick hair so it can take a lot. Plus, I notice the vinegar rinse often clears up some minor flaking on the scalp as an added benefit. Anyone else notice that?

Anyway, I definitely notice a silkier feel to my hair after a vinegar rinse and assume thats a good thing, but who really knows?

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Yes, detox is necessary considering everything we throw on our hair...including the stuff we can't see, like pollution particles. Even with the best products, you will see some buildup. And to do this especially before color is great to get the color to hold better, but that's another story (on getting color to hold better.)

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I had my hair coloured on Friday (today is Monday). I know that when I've dyed fabric, the instructions recommended a vingar rinse to set the colour in. I was hoping that it would do the same for hair, & help prevent fade out. I read your comments after I had done this. I am pleased to report that there has been no damage to the colour. I cannot say whether will affect fade out, but so far it has done no harm. I wonder if it depends on the type of colour (permanent/semi-permanent/temporary) you've used on your hair, or whether it's was professionally done or home coloured. It is recommend that coloured hair not be washed for a minimum of 48 hours after colouring. It's been 72 since for me. I used 1 cup of white vinegar, worked it into the dry hair prior to the wash, (I did it over the kitchen sink, with a bowl in the sink to catch the excess, & then put that excess in my hair too). Then I double washed (as is my normal habit), rinced in cold water & conditioned normally. I can smell the vinegar in my hair, but it's all gone.

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Old GW threads never dye! ;-) Actually I'm happy to say I stopped dying my hair several years ago. I do use a vinegar rinse from time to time to clear any buildup from hair care products. Don't have to be concerned about the vinegar altering the color tho. I would recommend a filter on the shower head to reduce or remove chlorine, to anyone who does color their hair.

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